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First company achieves BM TRADA Q-Mark certification for Fire Stopping Installation

First company achieves BM TRADA Q-Mark certification for Fire Stopping Installation

PR 0029 Q-mark

BM TRADA is pleased to announce Panache Fire Services Ltd as the first company to achieve certification under its Q-Mark Fire Stopping Installation scheme.

The recently introduced scheme, aims to ensure that fire stopping solutions are being fitted correctly and to verify the competence of installation companies, while offering building owners and Responsible Persons with a certificate of installation.

To achieve certification under the scheme, Panache Fire Services Ltd had to nominate a number of supervisors and demonstrate their competence to fit fire stopping products and supervise the fitting of such products.

Each nominated supervisor was required to attend BM TRADA’s Fire Protection in Buildings Explained seminar; complete the scheme-specific training, which includes an examination; and pass an on-site competence assessment at a live customer site. BM TRADA also conducted an inspection of work carried out by each supervisor and those under their supervision at a live customer site.

Following certification, each installer is required to notify details of all installations to BM TRADA through its web-based database and to place a label next to each installation to confirm that it meets the requirements of the scheme.

Once this has been completed, BM TRADA will email a certificate to the person nominated by the installer, confirming details of what has been installed. This certificate can be retained by the building owner to help demonstrate that they have had their compartment lines appropriately fire stopped. It can also be used to assist with meeting the requirements of Regulation 38 of the Building Regulations.

Certification under the scheme is valid for three years and is maintained through a programme of annual surveillance audits and a recertification audit in the third year before the certification expires.

Panache Fire Services Ltd Business Development and Marketing Manager Jessica Williams declares:

“Panache Fire Services Ltd is pleased to be the first company to have achieved certification under BM TRADA’s Q-Mark scheme for Fire Stopping Installation. We are determined to improve installation standards throughout the construction process and the scheme offers us an opportunity to demonstrate our skills and expertise in this area and to provide our customers with all the assurances they need.”

BM TRADA Business Development Manager Simon Beer states:

“Third party certification plays an important role in assuring the quality of products and of providing confidence to building owners, specifiers and Responsible Persons that appropriate products have been correctly installed.”

“BM TRADA’s Q-Mark scheme for Fire Stopping Installation provides an essential means of verifying the competence of companies who are installing the fire-stopping and of certifying each installation.”

For further information on BM TRADA’s Q-Mark scheme for Fire Stopping Installation, contact Simon Beer email:  sbeer@bmtrada.com tel:  01494 569 821; or visit www.bmtrada.com