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A faster internal finish with Unispan MW roof panels

A faster internal finish with Unispan MW roof panels


Unispan MW structural insulated roof panels from UNILIN, division insulation, allow the creation of better performing thermal roof structures and with a wide range of internal finishes, they can help to bring roof spaces to life too.

Using Mineral Wool insulation for a more ecological alternative to PIR foam, Unispan MW panels are available with OSB, plywood, chipboard, white painted chipboard, gypsum fibreboard and tongue and groove inner lining, leaving a ready for final-finish or completely finished internal roof.

Helping interior trades to work faster and smarter, as well as realising more space thanks to reduced supporting materials over traditional constructions, Unispan MW panels are ideal for developments looking to maximise functionality from small footprints.

“We’ve equipped Unispan MW panels with a range of interior finishes so that developers and contractors can select a panel that’s ideal for their requirements, thereby maximising the time and cost-saving potential on offer from this faster and easier way to build high performance roofs,” explains Richard Smith, UNILIN, division.

Unispan MW panels are a structural sandwich panel available in a range of different thicknesses dependant on the insulation values required. Suitable for pitched and flat roofs, the factory-made nature of the panels eliminates many of the difficulties in achieving efficient thermal insulation. This makes the system ideal for designing roof structures with excellent thermal performance on paper that deliver in real world situations.

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