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Centor Integrated Doors win Red Dot Award

Centor Integrated Doors win Red Dot Award


Centor is celebrating worldwide recognition of its pioneering Integrated Doors after winning a Red Dot Award in the internationally respected design competition.

Challenging all concepts of what we know as a door today, Centor has integrated doors, screens, shades and hardware as one, to create a new category of Integrated Doors that connect people with the world outside without the compromises.

The innovative built-in screens and shades provide unprecedented versatility, allowing control of sunlight, insects and privacy so homeowners can enjoy inside-outside all year round. Concealed locks and hardware contribute to the contemporary look, while doors move with fingertip operation thanks to Centor’s patent-pending hardware.

Nigel Spork, Centor’s Managing Director, is thrilled with the award: “I’m hugely proud that we can delight people at home by combining beautiful design and phenomenal thermal performance with some mechanical magic.”

Centor’s Group Manager of Product & Engineering, David Chappell, added: “Turning vision into reality is not easy. But winning such a prestigious design award validates all the hard work we have all put in to create a truly best-in-class product, and gives us confidence to keep striving for ultimate perfection.”

Integrated Doors are sold through a network of Centor Integrated Dealers across the UK. To find out more visit centor.com