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Pushing the Boundaries with Light Steel Frame

Pushing the Boundaries with Light Steel Frame

Lincoln Gateway

As the government continues to set ambitious goals for the construction industry, there is a growing demand to construct faster, more sustainably and at a lower cost. But how can this be achieved?

Light Steel Frame has been revolutionising the construction industry for years, however recent technological advances in Building Information Modelling, and lean manufacturing means that LSF now offers an unparalleled freedom to construct faster and more accurately. The combination of strength, durability and precision engineering ensure light steel frame offers broad parameters to explore innovative solutions and optimise value engineering.

There are many ways in which light steel frame is perfectly positioned to meet the objectives.

Target 1: Faster Delivery

Time is a critical factor in construction – as every project manager well knows. That is one of the reasons why light steel frame has become the preferred construction method for forward-thinking property designers and builders.

Offsite construction projects can be delivered in up to half the time compared to traditional construction, delivering radically reduced build times, leading to less time onsite and ultimately, a faster return on investment.

Target 2: Lower Emissions

A major benefit is a minimised impact on the environment, with national targets for housebuilding, carbon emission reductions and the push for ‘zero carbon’ buildings – light gauge steel is perfectly positioned to play a crucial role in meeting and delivering these targets. Steel is notorious for its longevity and ability to be multicycled – providing no onsite waste and thus enabling for a more sustainable future.

Target 3: Reduce Costs

Light steel frame provides a lower cost option, whilst still maintaining a superior quality.

Cost savings are made due to the speed of construction, the frame is installed very quickly once onsite and resource efficiencies are also made due to the reduced site labour requirement.

Factory controlled manufacturing conditions eradicate the risk of onsite variability, delivering safer construction and improved health and safety onsite – all reducing the risk of unexpected costs during the build.

Furthermore, the longevity of light steel frame minimises costs in the long term. Steel is unaffected by shrinkage unlike materials such as timber, resulting in dramatically reduced repair costs down the line.

Companies such as EOS Facades have been driving light gauge steel within modern offsite manufactured solutions, providing the industry with quality products through precision manufacturing whilst delivering accurate results on time and on budget, resulting in high performance construction that is energy efficient and supports greater construction targets.

This year, EOS Facades are offering all-inclusive fixed price packages that are supplied with proprietary brackets and fixings required. Plus they are now offering all Double Studs/Opening Jambs and DSL Lintels dispatched from the factory pre-assembled. This is a flexible service and should the client require the product to arrive unassembled, EOS will pre-punch in the factory, ghost assemble and supply, together with all the necessary screws and special drill bits, for assembly and installation onsite.

EOS Facades welcome enquiries of all types. Please feel free to contact the team direct, they will be very happy to assist in any way! Simply visit the company contacts page: http://www.eos-facades.co.uk/contact-us/