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Boon Edam: Meeting the Needs of Southern General Hospital, Glasgow

Boon Edam: Meeting the Needs of Southern General Hospital, Glasgow


Ashford, UK – Southern General Hospital, which serves for the South-West of Glasgow, has chosen to work closely with Boon Edam to offer their patients, staff and visitors to the hospital a welcoming and reassuring entry to their hospital. By installing a bespoke Duotour revolving door with integrated curved corridors, the entrance to the hospital not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also serves as a multi-functional entrance to the prestigious building. Users of the hospital are now able to flow more quickly and smoothly through this mobility hotspot.

Serving the People of South West Glasgow

As a working arm of the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Southern General Hospital is a large teaching hospital with an acute operational bed complement of approximately 900 beds. The hospital is located in the South West of Glasgow, Scotland and provides a comprehensive range of acute and related clinical services to residents there.

A Gateway to Improvement

David Healy, Area Project Manager for Boon Edam UK Ltd said “We have installed the bespoke Duotour revolving door with integrated curved corridors which included 4 auto-swing pass doors for the use of disabled users. Before our involvement in the project, our client was faced with the task of finding a supplier who could meet their bespoke design requirements”. The new entrance system is a highly functional piece of equipment which compliments the overall façade of this prestigious building.


Customisation and Cooperation

Boon Edam has worked closely with the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and Southern General Hospital since the start of the project in November 2013 to create a fully customised entry solution for this hospital. This project is totally unique as the overall structure and door arrangement was specifically designed by the company’s design teams both in the UK and The Netherlands to help meet the client’s bespoke requirements. The design team working for our client chose to work with Boon Edam as they were the only revolving door manufacturer and supplier that could meet the intricate design requirements for their entrance arrangement. After several months of design work and final approval from the client, the manufacture began with a twelve week lead time. The manufacture of the product was completed and delivered on time to meet the site programme. Overall, the design and manufacture process took approximately eight months to complete and the client was satisfied with the end result.

About Royal Boon Edam

With work environments becoming increasingly global and dynamic, the entry has become the centre of activity in many buildings. As the importance of the entry as a mobility hotspot increases, the demands we put on managing the passage of people through them grow. Royal Boon Edam is a global market leader in entry solutions. Headquartered in the Netherlands, with 140 years of experience in engineering quality, we have gained extensive expertise in managing the movement of people through office buildings, airports, healthcare facilities, hotels and many other types of buildings. We are focussed on providing an optimal experience for our clients and their clients. By working together with you, our client, we help determine the exact requirements for the mobility hotspot in and around your building and develop a solution that is customised for you in three key areas: sustainability, security and service. You can find more news about Boon Edam on www.boonedam.co.uk/newsroom.