Specifier Review
HI-MACS® ticks the hygiene box

HI-MACS® ticks the hygiene box


HI-MACS® solid surface, which is distributed exclusively in the UK and Ireland by James Latham, holds an LGA Hygiene certificate, ensuring it meets the requirements specified for use within the health and care sectors, including hospitals, dental surgeries and educational establishments, where hygiene is critical.

Granted by the microbiology and hygiene division of LGA (Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern) the “LGA-Tested” certificate is an internationally recognised certification mark which “guarantees” that the product meets stringent criteria where specific aspects of it are assessed, including ease of cleaning and resistance to bacteria and fungi.  In addition, the testing also rates the design from a hygiene point of view, distinguishing HI-MACS® as a first-class product.


HI-MACS® is non-porous, offering a completely smooth surface which makes liquid penetration practically impossible, creating the perfect base for germ-free areas which ensures HI-MACS® is extremely easy to maintain and will not look tired or deteriorate in terms of its appearance or performance.

However, with all these exceptional technical features, HI-MACS® solid surface remains an extremely versatile product which can be easily machined and thermoformed to almost any 3D-shape imaginable, offering endless design possibilities and producing a surface that is flowing, functional and visually seamless.   Even large-area installations have the appearance of a single application.


Supplied in thicknesses of 12mm, 9mm and 6mm, HI-MACS® is available in 98 colours.  In addition, the extensive HI-MACS® portfolio now also includes 22 designs of sinks and 13 vanity basins – available in over 60 colours.

Architects and interior designers will also be keen to know that the manufacturers of HI-MACS®, LG Hausys, have developed BIM Objects for its full range of HI-MACS® shapes and colours for the following software: Sketchup, ArchiCAD and Revit.   Find out more by clicking on www.himacsuk.co.uk.

For further information on HI-MACS® solid surface, please visit the website at www.himacsuk.co.uk, email marketing@lathams.co.uk or phone 0116 257 3415.