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Exclusive new range of modular urban furniture announced by Bailey Streetscene

Exclusive new range of modular urban furniture announced by Bailey Streetscene

Bailey Streetscene has launched an exclusive co-ordinated range of modern public seating and table systems as part of their continued growth plans.

Bailey Streetscene

The launch of the “Westeifel” range coincides with celebrating 10 years of being at the leading edge of street furniture and is set to further strengthen and enhance the company’s reputation for attractive, high quality, value driven external furniture solutions.

A flexible solution with broad appeal

The Westeifel collection achieves the delicate balance of a contemporary modern appearance that is timeless and classic with simple, clear lines that ensure these products will not look dated in years to come.

Bailey Streetscene

Durable, high quality construction combined with flexible, modular options makes this commercial outdoor furniture collection the perfect choice for any urban setting.

The collection consists of over one hundred seating, benches & table elements, each allowing the freedom of countless configurations and combinations in terms of layout and product options

For instance, benches are available with full or partial backrests in a variety of positions, alternative seating depths / lengths, different slat sizes, as well the ability to connect individual units in succession to form a continuous run of seating.

Bailey Streetscene

This allows an almost infinite flexibility for designers to create unique social spaces that are functional, modern and inviting

The range is completed by a selection of integrated litter bin designs in both timber and steel

Sales Director Barrie Woodcock explains why this range is particularly appealing to UK architects & contractors across of broad spectrum of project types …

“The trend for modern, clean lines is a characteristic that is captured in this new range of urban modular street furniture.The strength of the design is that it lends itself to a vast section of our market, taking in education, retail, transport and urban regeneration”

High quality sustainable materials

The look and feel of the Westeifel range is characterized by the natural and timeless appeal of wood and Bailey Streetscenes commitment to supplying top quality timber street furniture begins right at the start with the right choice of wood.

All wooden products supplied in this range are available with FSC-certified timber. FSC is a worldwide accredited certification system for responsible forest management. The hardwood is carefully selected to ensure all wood used is free of heart wood and sap wood

Quality assurance standards for all items within this range are subject to extremely strict performance criteria. In addition, modern manufacturing conditions guarantee a constant high level of product quality. Superior quality weld seams are achieved via a robotic welding process and all metal parts are galvanised with powder coating finish available

For full details of this exclusive new range go to the Bailey Streetscene website


About Bailey Streetscene

Bailey Streetscene are designers, manufacturers and installers of high quality external furniture & urban structures. The company services a broad cross section of markets, including: Education, Commercial and Retail, New Build and Regeneration projects, Local Authorities and the Ministry of Defence.

Their strength lies with their ability to work with architects, specifiers and contractors across all levels of the construction industry, offering a single supplier solution from project conception to completion.