Specifier Review
A Seamless Solution

A Seamless Solution


WALLTITE® Spray Foam insulation from BASF has been specified to insulate a WWII Ferro concrete barge as part of its conversion into floating office space in Penryn, Cornwall. WALLTITE® was chosen for its ability to accommodate even the trickiest shapes and surfaces as well as its environmental credentials, helping the truly unique project achieve an impressive U-value of 0.12 W/m2K.

Robotmother – the company behind Jubilee Wharf workshops and office space for creatives – envisioned the tethered boat housing its maintenance rooms, bunking space and a mezzanine level office space and went to Cornish architectural practice Märraum with a somewhat tricky brief.

Originally, rigid PIR foam insulation was specified but at the application stage it soon became apparent that it would not entertain the roof’s jagged roof line and walls of varying depths. The result would have been gaps in the shell structure causing a serious condensation problem. Michael Hormann from Märraum recognised this and switched the specification to WALLTITE® at a thickness of 160mm.

Cosyhome UK was responsible for the application spraying the closed cell polyurethane spray foam directly onto the fibre glass surface following the contours of the walls, ceilings and some of the floor forming the basis of these stunning offices.  Michael Hormann explained: “WALLTITE® was the perfect solution for such a tricky shape and the aggressive marine environment demands a seamless airtight solution. As boats are prone to dampness many are now opting to insulate using the innovative material.

“In terms of the practicality of application, this took just a couple of days which meant we were able to make fast progress therefore reducing construction time and cost. It was also good for filling voids and tying the structure together.

Sustainable solutions were at the core of the decision making. WALLTITE® helped the walls, floors and ceilings achieve a U-value of 0.12 W/m2K. The choice of material was paramount in terms of weight also as the overall construction weight could not exceed 50 tonnes.

Completed last year and taking three years in total, the contemporary, bold office space combines practicality and maritime chic. It’s no surprise that the barge has become a local landmark within the Penryn community.

Further information on WALLTITE can be found at: http://walltite.basf.co.uk/.