Specifier Review
CS 86

Reynaers CS 86-HI windows and doors system gets an upgrade

Reynaers multi-chamber, high insulation aluminium doors and aluminium window system CS 86-HI is now able to accommodate larger glass panes, including triple glazing and pivoting window options.

A special modification to CS 86 now allows the installation of glazing panels from the outside, avoiding the need to transport glass through buildings. The development also allows the use of larger and heavier glazed panels, including triple glazing up to 500kg, offering greater flexibility in terms of both design and installation.

Pivoting openers with hinges fully integrated into the profiles have also been introduced. Depending on the position of the hinges, the pivot window can be supplied with a horizontal axis (max. 200kg), or a vertical axis (max. 160kg). The new system helps create a more flexible building design, allowing glass panes up to a maximum height of 2500mm.

Used extensively on energy efficient and BREEAM rated buildings, Reynaers CS 86-HI aluminium windows and doors incorporate a unique insulation that ensures extreme stability and enhanced water and air tightness. The performance of the system for air and water tightness has subsequently been upgraded to 300 Pa.

Several of the CS 86-HI window and door configurations achieve the Minergie® and Minergie-P® component labels, which corresponds to Passivhaus standards of a Uw value of ≤0.8 W/m2K. When it comes to safety, variants of CS 86 are also compliant with the Secured by Design initiative offering optimum levels of security and performance.

Marketing Manager at Reynaers Rebecca Cope said: “Not only do we try to reduce the company’s energy consumption and its emissions of greenhouse gases with our architectural glazing; we also contribute to limiting the energy consumption of new and existing buildings through the development of energy-efficient windows and doors. The overall insulation value of the system’s HI+ variant makes it one of the most energy efficient systems available.”

Further details are available from: Reynaers Limited, Tel: 0121 421 1999, or email: reynaersltd@reynaers.com, website: www.reynaers.co.uk.