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Aspect XL

Outdoor heating redefined with the Herschel Aspect XL

Setting the benchmark in outdoor heating, the new Herschel Aspect XL heater combines the very best in contemporary design with the latest in far infrared technology. The heat it provides is subtle and comfortable, similar to the warmth of winter sun and, with near-zero light, the Aspect XL is unobtrusive unlike many other outdoor heaters.

Herschel designed the Aspect XL to be a stylish addition to outdoor areas. Constructed from the highest quality components and materials, it is suited to situations where a more permanent outdoor heat is required in covered or semi covered areas with low air movement or wind. The heater is ideal for commercial applications such as cafés, restaurants and pubs while residential uses range from balconies and patio areas to conservatories.

Aspect XL
The Aspect XL is a stylish addition to any outdoor area

The extruded aluminium body of the Aspect XL houses highly emissive convex ceramic emitters which are solid state and designed to give a lifetime of use. As well as providing comfortable heat, the Aspect XL is around 30% more efficient than equivalent halogen, quartz and gas heaters so does not cost the earth to run, either financially or environmentally.

The Aspect XL is available in 1300w and 1950w versions covering an area of 6m² or 9m² respectively, at a height of 2.3m. Both models have an IPX4 rating, are maintenance-free and come with a five-year guarantee. Installation is straightforward but should be carried out by a suitably qualified electrician.

For further information, please call 01473 760 059 or visit www.herschel-infrared.com.