Specifier Review

Have you ever thought your home central heating system was costing you more money than it should do?

Have you ever wondered whether you could actually manage it much more efficiently?


In the UK today, over 2 million homes do not have any thermostatic control, and over 10 million only have 1 thermostat in the whole house.  Yet it is this thermostat that controls the temperature requirement for the entire property.  This thermostat is also usually in the hallway, often near the front door.  Have you ever thought how crazy this is.  It would be like measuring a baby’s temperature by putting a thermometer between its toes.  You would not do this, so why do we monitor and control our entire heating energy usage in the home by measuring the temperature in only one place, which is often no where near the rooms we need to manage, measure or control.

Currently most homes have absolutely no accurate control of the temperature of the rooms, and as a result are burning energy that is simply not needed.  This also costs money, and is very damaging to the environment.  The UK has improved the energy efficiency of so many of its domestic energy consumers such as fridges, freezers, washing machines and televisions over the last 20 years, yet home  central heating has hardly improved at all.  Home central heating also accounts for around 40% of energy usage in the home according the The Energy Saving Trust.

Salvatore Cirasuolo of Intelli Heat told us,  ‘ I saw this issue over 15 years ago, and started to work on a more efficient way of heating domestic and commercial buildings, which is when we started developing independently monitored energy efficient electric radiators’.  ‘It just made sense’ he said, ‘ every other electrical appliance was being made more efficient, yet heating, the biggest energy consumer, was staying the same’.  15 years on they have partnered up with a pioneering app developer to provide the perfect solution for saving money on energy bills, every day.  Salvatore says that  ‘if our Home Automation app is used in conjunction with our efficient electric central heating systems, then savings of up to over £300 a year could be made in the average home’, which is fantastic for any homeowner wanting to save money, and the environment too.

‘Our WHAPP is one of the only app in the UK that is able to control electric heating alongside other electrical devices, all from one interface, from anywhere’, he tells us.  This is incredibly good news for those who like to have a little more control of their energy usage in the home.  The app can be operated from any smart phone or tablet, and enables the user to manage not only the electric radiators and electric towel rails, such as the Needo and Sophia range, but also the lighting, gates, alarms, blinds, shutters and much more.  It is also very simple to set up and use, and Intelli Heat offer full training and support for all of its customers using the WHAPP.


‘The real beauty of the app, when combined with the Intelli Heat electric central heating system, is that you are able to have absolute temperature control of any room from anywhere’.  Every Needo or Cali Avante radiator has a built in thermostat which can keep the room to within 0.5 degrees of your chosen temperature.

This is not the temperature set by the thermostat near the doorway, this is the temperature in the room you actually want to be controlling.  You are therefore able to control the comfort levels of every room individually, either from the app or from the radiator control panels.  In addition all of the radiators are fully programmable, again either through the app or on the slick radiator control panels.  This means they can all operate on their on unique time sequence.  The WHAPP also has a sophisticated zoning system, which allows the property to be divided into specific zones and then fully programmed accordingly.  For example, in the morning, zone 1 (the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen) could be set to on, which zone 2 (the living room/space) to off, and zone 3 (generally unused rooms) to off.  You are therefore not wasting energy heating the rooms, as boiler systems do, when you are not using them.

The WHAPP allows you to take back control of your energy usage through reducing and managing the biggest consumer of energy usage in the home, the electric heating.  However, this is not all it can do. It can also manage other devices all through the same app.  This is because Intelli Heat believe home automation is another key factor in energy saving in the home, and the future of home comfort and safety .  The WHAPP is also able to control, program and fully automate such electric appliances such as lighting, hot water, alarm systems, electric gates, shutters, blinds and much more.  This is not only perfect for when you are in the house, but essential if you are not in the house.  Think of the security benefits, or even just peace of mind advantages.  You are always able to control or monitor your house from anywhere, at the touch of a smart phone or tablet.

Industry experts are predicting that 14% of homes will be ‘smart’ by the end of 2016. This is compared to 17% of households in the US and a global average of 5%. The smart home trend is expected to continue growing with the market set to double across 7.7 million UK homes by 2019.

Intelli heat are at the cutting edge of this technology, and continue to invest heavily in research, development and customer input, in order to ensure that its ethos of ‘we think because we care’ will maintain their status at the forefront of sustainable home development.