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Panasonic presents integrated heating & cooling solution for hotels

Panasonic Heating and Cooling is pleased to announce the expansion of its range of heating and cooling solutions and controls, designed specifically for the hotel industry. Panasonic now offers a fully integrated solution to equip hotels with efficient heating and air condition systems.

Panasonic is committed to providing flexible air conditioning and heating solutions to accommodate the various demands of hotels, whatever the size. Hotels must deal with the conflicting demands of their customers, simultaneously, ensuring there is domestic hot water ready for when the guests want it, and comfortable temperatures in every room. By nature, hotels must offer their guests high-performance air conditioning and heating systems.Panasonic

With one of the widest range of solutions for heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water production by gas or electricity, Panasonic offer a complete multi-energy solution. T he possibility of choosing between electricity and gas enables a significant reduction in CO2 emissions as well energy costs.

Panasonic understands how important it is to minimise disruption in hotels when renovating or refurbishing the building, which is why its solutions allow equipment to be replaced in stages, by substituting the various elements without interfering with the normal activities of the hotel. The systems also guarantee minimal noise emissions when active, ensuring optimum comfort levels.

Where comfort, satisfaction or health and safety is concerned, the customer is always at the forefront of Panasonic’s design process. This is why Panasonic has developed an innovative pump down system that helps detect and prevent refrigerant leaks, guaranteeing the protection of end-users, the buildings’ occupants and the environment. By ensuring compliance with EN378 regulations and safety standards, the building will be rewarded with one point on the BREEAM environmental assessment method/rating system.

Panasonic is compliant with national and European regulatory constraints on F-gas usage. This compliance therefore makes the decision to choose Panasonic heating and cooling solutions wise and easy for installers and hotel owners.

Ramada Mercure Hotel Panasonic Aquarea Project
Ramada Mercure Hotel Panasonic Aquarea Project

New hotel remote control for optimal comfort

Panasonic has designed its New Hotel Remote to optimise the comfort of hotel guests. With its attractive design and adaptable colour scheme, it is also the only remote control that can operate and program different inputs and outputs. This includes cord switches, lighting, presence sensors, curtains and blinds, as well as the heating and cooling system, whilst simultaneously offering a direct connection to standard BMS protocols such as Lon works and Modbus.

Panasonic’s EcoNavi sensor is most effective in meeting rooms, restaurants, gyms and other leisure spaces. It can detect any presence in the room and the level of physical activity. This will trigger the system functions automatically and discreetly to adapt the air conditioning system, improving guests’ comfort and optimise energy savings. If no activity is detected during a defined period, the EcoNavi sensor will shut down the unit or switch to another, previously defined temperature, suitable for a vacant space.

A full range of heating and cooling solutions

Panasonic offer one of the widest ranges of solutions for air conditioning, hot water production and ventilation available today, meaning it is able to provide the best solution to meet the requirements of all projects. Whether electric or gas, all Panasonic solutions will bring about dramatic reductions in a hotel’s CO2 emissions, and a boost in energy savings which translates to substantial financial savings.

The gas and electricity solutions

Panasonic’s gas heat pump, ECO G, is an ideal heating solution designed to meet the high demands of heating and hot water in hotels. When a large quantity of hot or cold water is required, or when the power supply is not optimal, ECO G is a great alternative option.

Using natural gas or propane, the Panasonic’s gas VRF system only needs a small single-phase electrical supply (about 1kW). This reserves the building’s main power supply for other essential electrical uses, and avoids the need to change the supply transformer, for example, or to increase the power supply to feed traditional systems – which can be costly.

Panasonic’s Electrical VRF system designed and developed with hotel solutions in mind, is available in a two or three pipe range. The three pipe range allows for heating and cooling simultaneously, utilising Panasonic’s heat recovery box. This is the smallest recovery box on the market, which does not require a power supply due to its connection with an indoor unit.

Depending on the project requirements, both gas and electrical systems can be combined to activate the properties of either solution, ensuring the most cost and energy efficient solution is being implemented at all times.

For more information on Panasonic’s heating and cooling solutions for hotels, please visit www.aircon.panasonic.eu.