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PoziDry PIV

Vent-Axia’s PoziDry PIV System Gains BBA Accreditation

Vent-Axia, a leader in low carbon ventilation, is delighted to announce that its innovative Lo-Carbon PoziDry PIV system has gained prestigious accreditation from the British Board of Agrément (BBA). A positive input ventilation unit, the PoziDry PIV offers a quick, simple and efficient solution to controlling condensation within a property, particularly in the refurbishment and social housing sector.

A mark of quality, safety and reliability BBA certification ultimately provides reassurance that a product is fit for purpose. BBA certification is awarded only to products and systems that have passed a series of comprehensive assessments – including laboratory tests, on-site evaluations, quality management checks and inspections of production. BBA certificates provide information that designers and specifiers can use to give them unbiased data on product performance, and certified products are recognised as fit for purpose by building control, government departments and industry insurers.

As market leader, Vent-Axia prides itself on offering innovative and reliable products,” explains Jenny Smith, Product Marketing Manager – Refurbishment at Vent-Axia. “By gaining BBA certification, specifiers can be certain that they are selecting a quality product that has undergone rigorous processes, ensuring that Vent-Axia’s PIV system performs exactly as laid out in the BBA certificate.

Vent-Axia’s Lo-Carbon PoziDry PIV positive input ventilation unit is ideal for controlling condensation in homes. A loft mounted positive input fan draws fresh air from the atmosphere, filters it and gently introduces it into the dwelling via a ceiling mounted diffuser, where it replaces humid, stale, moist air through the properties natural leakage points, such as window mounted trickle vents. Boasting a specific fan power (sfp) of 0.22 W/l/s the system uses the latest Lo-Carbon technology motor for low running costs, a reduced carbon footprint and ultra low noise levels.

Utilising a sensor to monitor the temperature in the loft, the PoziDry automatically adjusts the air volume when necessary. ‘Trickle speed is automatically selected when the ambient loft temperature is up to 18 deg C. Normal is automatically selected when the ambient loft temperature is between 18 and 27 deg C. Meanwhile. if the ambient loft temperature exceeds 27 deg C the PoziDry will automatically switch to standby consuming as little as 2W.

For ease of installation and rapid maintenance the PoziDry can be installed in a loft space suspended from a beam or joist mounted, with a purpose-designed diffuser normally located over the stairwell of a conventional two-storey dwelling or in the main hall of a bungalow. IPX2 rated the PoziDry comes complete with ceiling diffuser, flexible duet and worm drive clips to ensure easy installation.

For the social housing registered provider the PoziDry features another attraction, a unique Datalogger which records whether a fan is active or idle. If a fan has been switched off and mould appears, the landlord will realise why and can discuss a solution with tenants. This helps landlords make homes safer for tenants by helping to avoid condensation and mould which can lead to respiratory problems and allergies. The Datalogger can also help reduce the disrepair costs caused by dampness and mould. Meanwhile, the PoziDry also features a 5-year guarantee.

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