Specifier Review
What’s in a kW?... ...£2,000 to be exact

What’s in a kW?… …£2,000 to be exact


Leading biomass solutions provider, Euroheat, has re-classified its HDG Compact 200 pellet or wood chip boiler to allow end-users to make the most of recent changes to the non-commercial RHI. Whereas before the most attractive tariffs ended under 200kW (199kWs or lower), this has been recently changed to include 200kW boilers, equating to £2,000 additional RHI returns a year.

Simon Holden, co-founder of Euroheat explains: “Moving the parameters of one of our most popular boilers might seem like a fairly insignificant change, but for RHI recipients, it means a considerable additional chunk of money. One extra kW = an extra £2,000 annually; a sizeable figure that will make a big difference to the light-commercial customers this boiler-type appeals to.”

About Euroheat’s HDG Compact 200

The HDG Compact 200 is a highly efficient biomass boiler, designed to burn pellets or wood chips as fuel.

Optimised combustion technology results in low fuel consumption, with an advanced PLC control governing the boiler’s output ensuring that only the required amount of heat is produced. Fully automated, with pellets or chips transported to the combustion chamber and then ignited automatically, the Compact 200 also delivers self-activated cleaning and has a large ash container for convenience.