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Imago Lift & Slide Doors - Italian Style

Imago Lift & Slide Doors – Italian Style

With Latin flair and engineering that is designed to be both practical and beautiful, Imago Lift & Slide Doors have it all. Marco Zen, AGB’s sales manager for the UK and Ireland, talks about how Italian style is perfect for UK homeowners.

Italian style

It’s almost 500 years since Leonardo Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa that hangs in the Louvre. This stunning painting has lost none of its fascination over that time. But although seen as one of, if not, the greatest painters of all time, Da Vinci had many other sides to his professional life. And perhaps, it was precisely because he was such an exceptional mathematician, engineer and anatomist that made him a better artist. He understood that behind the beauty was the anatomy, it’s the thing that created the famous enigmatic smile.Imago Lift & Slide Doors - Italian Style

Fast forward four centuries and the Italians are still leading the way with Modernism. Form and function. It strips out all the finery and leaves us with pure elegance.

The Italians have been masters of simple elegance for many years. Perhaps the words of Italian architect Luigi Caccia, who spent most of the 20th Century dedicated to designing buildings, furniture and household products. Of Italians he claims: “Quite simply, we are the best” and that “we have more imagination, more culture, and are better mediators between the past and the future.” And maybe it’s why more modern classics come from Italy than anywhere else in the world.

So it’s not surprising that the Italians have a highly coveted design award. The ADI Design Index is the publication of the Italian Association for Industrial Design. It selects the best of Italian design put into production and displays them in a permanent exhibition.

The ADI Design Index was first established in 1954 and includes some amazing designs from the last 60 years. Ferrari, Ducati and Maserati have all been winners. The finalists for the prestigious Compasso d’Oro award 2015 have been chosen. And Italian hardware company Alban Giacomo Spa, known as AGB has been listed for its Imago lift and slide hardware for timber doors.

It’s the first time a lift and slide door has been recognised by them and it’s unsurprising. ‘Technology must be beautiful’ is the philosophy at AGB and Imago is beautiful technology.

With the slimmest timber frame on the lift and slide market, Imago has been designed to create a door with the widest glazed area available, so views overlooking stunning countryside or cityscapes aren’t broken up by individual door leafs.

The sliding door offers the pioneering Poseidon lock which provides maximum security levels. The hardware is installed flush to the frame so that it does not disrupt the aesthetic of the design.

Imago features the Climatech threshold, manufactured from a fibreglass reinforced material which guarantees excellent thermal performance. A strong barrier against wind, rain and cold air, Imago doors are perfect for all weather conditions. It looks spectacular and has the natural movement of wood, but it’s also been engineered to be extremely energy efficient and secure. And that’s the point. Beautiful and practical.

Since launching Imago in the UK in June last year it’s already attracted a huge amount of interest from architects and designers. The simple download feature in the toolkit on www.chooseimago.co.uk makes it really easy to get all the technical information needed to have it specified at the early stages.

For installers who want to offer more product choices for customers, Imago is the perfect addition. It offers a very special alternative for people who have already invested in timber windows. And because it can be manufactured in any type of wood, it matches perfectly to other doors and windows.

Imago Lift & Slide Doors follow the Italian style bible of simple elegance. It is an engineering masterpiece and it belongs on the design podium and in beautiful homes.

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