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Rundum Meir, High-Tech & Classic Handmade Garage Doors

Rundum Meir specialise in high quality, standard and custom made, exterior door systems that are made in a range of beautiful materials including timber, copper, aluminium and glass.

Rundum Meir

They offer a complete exterior door systems service – from survey and design to manufacture, installation and maintenance.

Rundum Meir work closely with architects and clients and pride themselves in their personal service and ability to provide design solutions to clients wishes.

Their exterior door systems have been used on listed buildings, award-winning new build, conceptual architecture, refurbishment projects and a high profile passive house.

Door applications have included open courtyards, boathouses, curved buildings, outhouses, coach houses, over sized and undersized garages, underground multi-user, ventilated and security garage doors.

Rundum Meir

Using Rundum Meir garage doors gives the specifier flexible layout options with almost any size door available. They use quality components and hardware from running gear to remote controls. Manual or unique remote control operation is available. Door gear, door curtain and automation are provided as one package.

For more information visit http://www.rundumgaragedoors.co.uk 

Tel: 0151 280 6626.