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Castle applies Kemperol to turret library roof

Castle applies Kemperol to turret library roof


Cold liquid-applied waterproofing specialist, Kemper System, has helped to protect books and interior finishes at the historic Bolton School following a refurbishment of the Turret Library Roof.Library Roof

Roofing contractor, Castle Roofing Consultants, carried out the roof refurbishment following the failure of the previous waterproofing membrane, which had been used to overlay the original asphalt roof less than a decade earlier. Subsequent water ingress had started to cause staining on the library ceiling and degradation of interior finishes.

The affected area of roof sits above the main entrance to the school’s neo-gothic red sandstone quadrangle, with a turret on each corner and a flag pole in the centre. Castle Roofing used Kemper System’s Kemperol V210 cold applied waterproofing system to overlay the existing roof and provide a suitable colour match to the lead flashings of the traditional building.


Castle Roofing stripped out the existing lead flashings on all four sides of the 100m2 roof area and ground out a 40mm deep chase on each of the four sandstone walls that form the perimeter of the Turret Library roof.Library Roof

The installation team then cleaned the existing substrate and carried out patch repairs where the substrate was blistered or water ingress had occurred before applying Kemper System’s D Primer.

The Kemperol V210 was then applied to the roof in a single process involving the waterproofing membrane, followed by a 165g flexible reinforcement fleece and further resin to ensure full saturation of the fleece before the system was allowed to cure.

The new waterproofing system was dressed to the full roof deck and into the chases, along with the upstands, flag pole plinth and the plinth for the roofline. The chases were then resealed using sand and cement to ensure a completely seamless, monolithic waterproof membrane that will deliver a BBA-accredited 25-year service life.

Comments Ian Clarke, head of estates at Bolton School: “Castle Roofing has successfully used the Kemperol V210 system to waterproof the Turret Library roof and protect its interiors in a project that took just one week to complete during the half term break.

“The scheme will provide a robust, long-term solution for the roof while ensuring that there is no aesthetic impact on the fabric of our beautiful building.”

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