Specifier Review

Duquesa slates give historic cottage a brand new look

The installation of Cembrit’s Duquesa slates on a cottage in Devon has proved that natural slates not only provide an attractive finish to a building, but can overcome a difficult re-roofing project.

Bridge Cottage is a listed building in Axminster which dates back to the 17th century.  Originally built as a labourer’s cottage, and constructed as a low cost building, it has required a number of updates over the years, including new windows, a garden room and covered parking bays.  Most recently, the owners put in a request to East Devon District Council to re-roof the property, and requested slates to match the roof on an extension.  Bradfords Building Supplies, a builders’ merchant which stocks Cembrit roofing materials, supplied approximately 4,500 Cembrit Duquesa natural slates.  These slates were installed over an existing corrugated steel roof that had been in place for between 60 – 70 years.

The property owner was impressed with the flexibility and durability of the Cembrit slates. With the roof not being at a consistent level, the slates had to be flexible enough to deal with a change in pitch – from 45 degrees at one end, to 60 degrees at the other end.  The dark grey Duquesa slates lie neatly across the whole building to maintain a uniform appearance, and complement the lighter grey slate on the extension. The smooth surface texture of the Duquesa slate blended well with the old appearance of the cottage, to give it a contemporary, yet natural-looking finish.

Duquesa is a high quality natural slate from Cembrit which is produced by some of the finest quarries in Spain. Regarded as one of the best Spanish natural slate brands available in the UK, it is a tough material with a smooth texture that will provide an attractive and long lasting roof covering for a wide variety of projects.

Duquesa is available in two colours, blue/black and grey and in a variety of sizes to suit individual requirements.  It has a smooth, even texture, which, as well creating an attractive appearance, also aids the preservation of the finish. The hard surface also ensures the slate can withstand the most severe weather conditions and remain unaffected by sunlight, ultraviolet light and even acid rain.  When laid correctly, Duquesa will last the lifetime of a building and is ideal for use on any major project including supermarkets, schools, city offices and prestige homes.

Duquesa slate is a tough natural material which has been tested to ensure it meets the current national standard, BS EN 12326-1:2004.  This requires detailed and regular testing of the output from every source marketed within the EU.  Cembrit ensures all its slates meet the relevant regulations, as it gives specifier’s the peace-of-mind that any product coming from Cembrit is up to standard.

For further information visit www.cembrit.co.uk, email sales@cembrit.co.uk, or for a copy of the technical data sheets, tel: +44 (0)20 8301 8900.