reverberation noise

Hush Acoustics: Resolving reverberation noise within buildings

Reverberation noise is especially common in a building where there are hard surfaces. Sound waves bounce and reverberate against hard walls, floors and ceilings creating noisy environments.

reverberation noise

Schools are a hot spot for reverberation noise: sports halls, dining rooms, music rooms, classrooms and corridors in particular. Other buildings such as: hospitals, churches, offices, communal areas within residential / multi-purpose buildings frequently have sound reverberation problems too.

The solution is to add absorption to the areas that have reverberation noise issues. Hush Acoustics Absorber Panels for Ceilings and Walls will help to resolve the problem.

Step one is to arrange a Hush Acoustics site visit to carry out a survey, calculate the reverberation issue then calculate the amount of absorption needed. Guidance on the installation of acoustic solutions is also a service that Hush offer.

Hush Acoustics also provide a consultancy service outlining practical, economical and environmentally friendly ways to minimize noise levels within all environments.

To find out more about Hush Acoustic sound proofing solutions visit their website or call to speak to one of their experienced technicians on 0151 933 2026.