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Vent-Axia Improves Indoor Air Quality at The Crofts

Vent-Axia, a leader in low carbon ventilation, has supplied large numbers of its Lo-Carbon™  PoziDry PIV Compact ventilation units and Lo-Carbon™ Quadra fans for a ventilation upgrade as part of a major refurbishment of three high-rise blocks of flats in Smethwick, West Midlands.

The 270 homes, collectively known as The Crofts, are benefitting from an £11m makeover by Keepmoat on behalf of Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council. Included in the works are internal upgrades where Vent-Axia’s products are being installed to improve indoor air quality and reduce mould and condensation which can cause aggravated health problems. The products will also contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions and lower fuel bills for tenants.

Energy efficient ventilation was an important factor in the refurbishment of The Crofts since the project aims to improve living conditions in the homes. By installing Vent-Axia’s energy efficient ventilation not only does this improve indoor air quality and so reduce the risk of health problems caused through condensation and mould, it also helps to reduce energy bills and carbon emissions,” said Tony Davies of Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council’s Urban Design and Building Services.

With 270 homes to refurbish we had to ensure we could install 20 ventilation units a week. We were delighted Vent-Axia was able to ensure the units were available to meet this high demand,” said Dan Sirrell, Project Manager for Keepmoat.

In addition to a ventilation upgrade, the blocks will get new roofs, energy efficient external cladding and new windows and balconies. Other internal works include new boiler installs and decoration works. The works will improve the quality of people’s homes as well as making them more energy efficient.

Vent-Axia’s Lo-Carbon PoziDry PIV positive input ventilation unit is ideal for controlling condensation in homes, particularly in the refurbishment sector. A loft mounted positive input fan draws fresh air from the atmosphere, filters it and gently introduces it into the dwelling via a ceiling mounted diffuser, where it replaces humid, stale, moist air through the properties natural leakage points, such as window mounted trickle vents. Boasting a specific fan power (sfp) of 0.22 W/l/s the BBA certified system uses the latest Lo-Carbon technology motor for low running costs, a reduced carbon footprint and ultra low noise levels.

Meanwhile, Vent-Axia’s Lo-Carbon™ Quadra is a domestic fan suited to through-the-wall or ducted applications. Designed for quick and straightforward installation in multiple rooms, the Quadra’s low speed is selectable between 6, 9 and 12l/s and high between 15, 30 and 60l/s all with through the wall or two ducted selections to ensure installed performance is met. The Quadra has been designed to successfully reduce carbon emissions while keeping maintenance requirements firmly in mind.

Following a one fan fits all ethos, the Lo-Carbon Quadra is equally at home in kitchens, bathrooms, toilets or utility rooms, providing a performance that comfortably meets the requirements of Building Regulations Part F for intermittent fans (System 1) and continuous mechanical extract ventilation (System 3). The Quadra also offers a range of advanced control options to boost efficiency, and ease installation and commissioning.

Both the PIV and Quadra are part of Vent-Axia’s Lo-Carbon™ collection and incorporate energy saving DC motors that contribute to a 90% reduction in fuel consumption over traditional AC fans. The aim of the Lo-Carbon™ initiative is to offer the latest low carbon ventilation technology in order to reduce building energy consumption and so carbon emissions.

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