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Brett Landscaping assistance helps to challenge perception of space at Hayes development

Brett Landscaping assistance helps to challenge perception of space at Hayes development

A recently constructed retail development in Hayes, West London has had its striking public access area and car park design fulfilled using a combination of high quality paving products, manufactured and supplied by Brett Landscaping.

The new development’s pathways, access and parking areas have been created using original designs by leading landscape architects the terra firma consultancy, and installed under the direction of BAM Construction Ltd, in a project designed to change conceptions of what a car park and public access area can typically be.

To fulfil the hard landscaping design, a combination of paving materials from Brett Landscaping, including Piatto in Dark Granite, Silver Granite and Yellow Granite, have been successfully installed.  The result achieves the aesthetic that terra firma was looking for, while keeping to a tight budget and not compromising on quality.

“With the vast space they often occupy, car parks can be perceived as inhospitable places, so at Hayes, we wanted to create a different feel; incorporating planting and visual interest into the design and reducing the interpretation of a big car park to a more ‘human scale,’” explains Alison Galbraith, terra firma’s Associate Director.

“To accomplish this, we designed a landscape whereby the main tarmacadam was ‘broken up’ using 300m² of Brett Piatto Yellow Granite around the parking bays, together with tree planting to help challenge the perception of the space. And we’re pleased to say, the concept put into practice, has been highly effective.”

Alison goes on to describe how the curved side of the retail building, combined with its generous pavement width presented more scope for her and the team to add to their design.  Alison says she wanted to use the wide, paved area to bring attention to the building and feature planting. She continues:

“As we’ve designed the development’s streetscape and store frontage to include tree planting, working with a palette of Brett’s grey tones in different unit sizes – namely Piatto Dark Granite and Piatto Silver Granite – has enabled us to make the most of the space, picking up the different lines that run alongside the curve of the building, and drawing the eye to the overall aesthetic.”

The design incorporated technical elements, such as the integration of surface drainage and slot drains all with a minimal requirement for stone cutting.

Working with Brett Landscaping has been a positive first for Alison and the terra firma team, and she describes the experience as one she will be keen to repeat in the future.

Helping form her confident opinion, has been the relationship developed with the company’s Commercial Specification Manager for the London Area, Ajay Vohra.

“Ajay has done a great job of showing us the materials within the Brett range and ensuring we were happy with the colour combinations under selection. We were able to review the options and paving quality for ourselves and make choices accordingly,” Alison explains.

Adding to Alison’s comments, Ajay says: “Carefully constructed hard-landscaping designs should never be compromised, simply because the materials chosen to fulfil the job weren’t up to the task.

“The premium products selected by Alison are in my opinion, the best that’s out there in terms of quality.”

The hard landscaping of the development has been achieved using Brett Piatto Dark Granite (500m²) and Piatto Silver Granite (1100m²) across the public realm together with Piatto Yellow Granite (300m²), materials which have been distributed through regional merchant, EH Smith.

For more information, visit www.brettpaving.co.uk