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The Stunning Art Of Imago

The Stunning Art Of Imago

Elegant and stunning Imago Lift & Slide timber doors from AGB blend beautiful Italian design with skilled craftsmanship to take away the distinction between indoors and out.

With low-profile timber frames as slender as just 2cm on spans of up to 7m, Imago is the product of choice for designers who desire to put art into architecture.

The light-touch, silky smooth lift and slide mechanism is incorporated discreetly, allowing Imago to open up spectacular panoramic views without visual intrusion.


The result is an expansive panoramic glazed door that offers an uninterrupted view, brings light into a property and represents an appealing timber alternative to traditional bi-fold doors.

With beauty comes impressive practicality: Imago Lift & Slide Doors offer industry-leading thermal and weather performance, redefining what is possible from a timber door.

The spectacular opportunities presented by Imago Lift & Slide Doors are demonstrated to inspirational effect at ‘Villa Nemes’ in Liguria, Italy – winner of the ‘Live Outside the Box’ competition to find the best use of the product for Casabella, the prestigious Italian architectural magazine with a focus on modern, radical design.

The winning property is the vision of Giordano Hadamik Architects (GHA) – established in 2012 by husband and wife, architect Daniele Giordano and engineer Nadine Hadamik.


They designed the half-subterranean house to achieve Passivhaus energy performance values, with a carbon-zero target. It features a living turf roof, local stone facades and oak flooring, all reflecting the external natural environment.

But the chief visual stand-out is the extensive Imago cornerless panoramic glazing, providing breath-taking views over the pool, patio and beyond across the Gulf of Genoa.

Daniele Giordano of GHA says the Imago Lift & Slide Doors and glazing played a key role in the project, maximising views and light.

Large openings from floor to ceiling are designed to create an effect of continuity between inside and out.

He explains: “All the Accoya® wood frames are integrated in the structure to visually disappear, both from the outside through the natural stone cladding and the timber flooring and from the inside through the suspended ceilings and the incorporated timber furniture or plasterboard cladding to the walls.

“In the living room the large 6m span of Imago cornerless glazing, with a 1.5m return, becomes one of the most significant points of the house. The hidden frame enhances the effect of lightness and transparency, framing views of the pool, the big oak tree, the patio and into the valley and the sea.”


The Imago Lift & Slide Doors system also contributed to helping the property reach Passivhaus standards. To minimise any possible thermal bridge, Climatech GRP composite thresholds are laid on cellular glass board insulation, achieving a high mechanical strength, while the top and the side of the fixed glass frame are fully framed by insulation.

The lift and slide wide span door which leads onto the patio functions as a filter zone, allowing a visual continuity of the internal exposed concrete wall to the external stone wall. Imago’s unique UNI-V central interlocking profile provides a highly weatherproof and insulated seal to the outside.

Even in British weather which means large doors stay closed for most of the year, Imago’s slim design means its impact is not lessened. There are no multiple frames to break up the view, creating a light-filled space.

On top of this, using Imago provided a 40 percent reduction in glazing costs thanks to AGB’s clever engineering. It has created a simplified system which offers top-quality performance with less components for reduced costs and a stunning finish.

With self-build projects in the UK now accounting for almost 10 per cent of private sector completions, and the sector identified as a key market for bespoke, innovative products, Imago Lift & Slide Doors combine the beauty of natural timber with calm, minimalist design.

Installation and joinery companies who target the premium market will find Imago panoramic glazing a particular attraction for homeowners and designers.

AGB has everything architects need, with easy to download drawings and specifications which can be added straight into the design project. Manufacturers are given all the high performance test certification required to produce beautiful, fully CE compliant, Imago doors.

Little wonder, then, that Imago has been selected by the ADI Index to rank alongside such breath-taking Italian design icons as Ferrari, Stone Island clothing and the Illy espresso machine.

For more information on Imago Lift & Slide Doors visit www.chooseimago.co.uk and to find out more about GHA go to www.gha4u.com