Specifier Review
Schueco FWS 60 CV façade

New façade from Schueco has vents that are fully concealed

New from Schueco UK is the FWS 60 CV concealed vent façade, a state-of-the-art aluminium system for floor-to-ceiling ribbon windows where it is not possible to distinguish from the outside which vents open and which vents are fixed.

This revolutionary innovation, which also has the added benefit of maximising light transmission through the façade, is achieved by merging the vent with the load-bearing structure. Even from inside, the only indications of an opening unit are a flat slimline shadow gap and the presence of the window handle.

Moreover, to ensure safety in use, an almost invisible all-glass Juliet balcony can be integrated into the areas which have opening vents.

Also ideal for punched openings, the Schueco FWS 60 CV façade counteracts the prevailing trend of meeting the demand for ever greater levels of thermal and sound insulation by using ever larger window profiles.

Instead, the system has been designed with face-widths that are elegant and narrow and yet its inbuilt engineering excellence means that it delivers impressive Ucw values as low as 0.85 W/m2K (with a glazing U value of 0.7 W/m2K) as well as an extremely high level of functionality.

A high-performance external, centre and internal gasket system enables the Schueco FWS 60 CV to satisfy stringent wind-load and weather-tightness requirements, while a side-hung or turn/tilt opening vent option and a choice of two basic depths give the façade useful design flexibility.

With burglar resistance up to RC 2, the Schueco FWS 60 CV façade is the ideal system for enhancing the thermal performance and visual appearance of both new-builds and existing commercial properties.

For further details of the Schueco FWS 60 CV concealed vent façade system, please e-mail mkinfobox@schueco.com.