Specifier Review

Fire Protection, Structural Strength and Adaptability

Structural fire safety is achieved either by what is called ‘passive protection’ for example fire resistant lining boards and/or ‘active protection’ through the use of smoke ventilation, alarm systems and sprinklers. For the structural engineer, the material choice within the structural solution will influence the passive and active fire protection strategy.

Ian Quinton, Managing Director of RCM – suppliers of building boards and facade solutions to such high profile structural timber developments as the University of Hertfordshire – discusses the benefits of RCM’s solutions relating to fire regulations and technical specifications for structural timber buildings:

“The Structural timber association recently published the document – 16 Steps to Fire Safety. The document states that structural timber construction processes can reduce the risk of fire through good design, taking simple precautions and ensuring good site security.

A1 Non-Combustible

RCM’s Y-Wall is an adaptable calcium silicate based fibre cement building board, offering excellent fire properties as well as high levels of dimensional stability. Y-Wall is A1 Non-Combustibleused as a fire rated sheathing board and is applied extensively on both metal and timber frame structures, the product is applied behind all types of facade solutions, as well in floors and roofs, offering a non-combustible classification.

RCM’s Y-Wall is also BBA approved. This offers full technical approval for construction products and systems and is recognised by building control, government departments, architects, local authorities, specifiers and building insurers.

Product Testing and Certification

  • Y-Wall is tested to BS 476 Part 4
  • Y-Wall conforms to BS EN12467
  • Y-Wall tested by Warrington Fire research
  • Fire rated throughwall solution to BS 476 part 21 BS 476 part 22
  • Fire Rating A1 Non-Combustible Classification

RCM Y Wall has also been tested within the new BS8414 test and is suitable for buildings over 18 metres

Multipurpose TF – Tried and Tested for Timber Applications

Tested by BRE Global, our new Multipurpose TF Board has been specifically designed for the structural timber sector. With BBA Certification pending, the A1 Non-Combustible Multipurpose TF is a cellulose fibre cement 8mm board. Offering the complete solution, Multipurpose TF delivers exceptional racking, adaptability, strength and fire protection. Multipurpose TF also has excellent weather properties and is very easy to cut and fabricate.

Product Testing and Certification

  • Meets EN ISO 1716: 20101: Reaction to fire – determination of the heat of combustion
  • Meets EN ISO 1182: 2010: Reaction to fire – non-combustibility
  • Meets EN 13501-1:: 2007:   Classification of Reaction to fire – A1 Non-Combustible
  • BBA Certification Pending
  • EN594 Racking Resistance

And Finally…

As Managing Director of RCM Building Boards and Facades, I would just like to stress that we are committed to developing products, applications and services to meet the needs of the structural timber sector and invest further in developing bespoke products. We would be interested to hear from companies who have specific building board requirements and are unable to source a solution.”

Informative CPD Events

For those interested in finding out more, RCM provide informative CPD sessions including: a guide to materials, applications and specification considerations for building boards, internal and external linings and rainscreen facades, covering:

  • What a specifier needs to consider
  • Board materials and benefits
  • Board applications
  • Work on site

For more details call 0845 1303725 or visit www.buildingboards.co.uk