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Vent-Axia Offers Heating Solutions for Gas-Free Homes

Vent-Axia Offers Heating Solutions for Gas-Free Homes

Sussex-based Vent-Axia now offers a range of electric heating options that are proving ideal for those living off the mains gas grid. Recent figures show 3.9 million UK households (17%) do not have mains gas heating, with over half of these homes (2.3 million) heated by electricity.

Many homes with electric heating use manual storage heaters, which can be inefficient and impractical to use. But now there is a new breed of modern electric heating systems that are cost effective to install, easy to use and cheaper to run. Vent-Axia offers a range of electric heating solutions for every room in the house, with radiators, towel rails and underfloor heating.

“With many UK households being off the mains gas grid and the majority of these having little prospect of being connected, an effective, efficient alternative is required,” says Tom Emson, Product Marketing Manager at Vent-Axia. “Electric heating offers an affordable heating solution for homeowners with low capital and installation costs. Almost maintenance free with no moving parts, electric heating also offers households the comfort of not having to worry about costly boiler checks.”

What is key to this next generation of electric heating is not only do these products offer greater flexibility to households since they quickly warm a room providing almost instant comfort, but technological developments now mean their accurate controls ensure they are more energy efficient than ever before.

Vent-Axia’s Opal aluminium radiator

Vent-Axia’s Opal aluminium radiators are slim and stylish in design and offer households attractive, energy efficient comfort with the radiators featuring dynamic fluid with high thermal inertia. Manufactured from 100% recycled aluminium derived from drink cans, the Opal features 5 pre-set life style functions enabling an easy install. The fast programmable controls and an energy monitor also mean that households can lower energy consumption and so reduce fuel bills.

Also included in Vent-Axia’s electric heating range is a series of attractive towel rails featuring high quality white or chrome finishes with ten different models, split into flat, curved and designer styles. Control is central to the range, with the series featuring an optional advanced controller offering five heat outputs. Households therefore have warm dry towels without wasting energy, bringing greater comfort to the towel user but also adding to the overall temperature and comfort of the room.

Vent-Axia heated towel rail
Vent-Axia heated towel rail

Meanwhile, Vent-Axia’s Bluethermal™ underfloor heating allows low temperature radiant heat to provide evenly distributed warmth, with accurate controls ensuring this form of heating is more energy efficient than ever. And with the thermal output being 2-3 °C lower than using a convection based system, savings of 5-10% of the running cost are realised. The system includes a thermostat controller that monitors both the floor and air temperature so customers gain maximum control over their environment by allowing them to set the thermostat at either the ideal floor or air temperature.

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Vent-Axia’s Bluethermal™ underfloor heating

Many homes that are off the gas grid are in rural areas or in urban high rise flats. 13% of remote rural homes in England, 10% in Wales and 22% in Scotland use electric heating compared with 9% of urban homes in England. In Scotland, 82% of high rise flats are heated by electricity.

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