Specifier Review

Cut Corners For An Uninterrupted View with Imago Cornerless Glazing

AGB Hardware reports significant interest in its cornerless glazing option, which can be specified alongside the Imago Lift & Slide door.

With cornerless glazing, the panoramic glazing elements can be extended to create a fixed corner of glass without a mullion.  This enables housebuilders to maximise the view from a property using complete glazed walls, as well as meeting modern demands for flexible living spaces.

“An uninterrupted view is so on-trend amongst homeowners at the moment,” confirms Marco Zen, UK & Ireland Sales Manager of AGB Hardware.  “Cornerless glazing pushes the concept even further; when the sliding doors are opened, homeowners benefit from the widest possible border between the interior and exterior, transforming the garden into an extension of your living space.”

Even when closed, the Imago Lift & Slide concept ensures that there is the barest minimum of visible area at the corner point.  “Contemporary timber systems such as Imago bring real sophistication to the frame, with a minimalist sash often slimmer than aluminium framed doors,” explains Marco Zen.

The innovative Imago Life & Slide mechanism means that the hardware disappears into the frame, which is buried tightly within the plaster line for a sightline as narrow as 2cm: aesthetically pleasing and also an ideal means of reducing ‘cold bridging’ for exceptional insulation.  Imago Lift & Slide also delivers a reliable silky smooth slide mechanism that is practically invisible.

Where the frames meet, a range of advanced high security locking systems can be specified to provide that essential peace of mind, while also meeting the latest legal requirements in security under the provisions of Document Q.

Using Imago can reduce glazing costs on a project by 40 percent, meaning it is as cost-efficient as it is aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

“No wonder architects, developers and self-builders are turning towards the advantages of cornerless glazing,” concludes Marco Zen.  “With Imago Lift & Slide, you can cut only the corners you need to, without compromising on quality.”

To find out more about Imago Lift & Slide Doors, visit www.chooseimago.co.uk