Specifier Review
Achieving High Performance Building Envelopes

Achieving High Performance Building Envelopes

System specification is crucial to success when developing an energy efficient, sustainable building. Delivering onsite energy performance as specified in the design brief is a ‘team game’ with professionals working together to achieve the required U-value, airtightness and Psi value rating.

The devil, as always, is in the detail, or should that be detailing! In the past what was specified by the designer would not always perform as predicted – resulting in the performance gap, an issue highlighted in the Zero Carbon Hub’s report published last year.

As the leading innovator in the development and application of structural timber technology – Kingspan Timber Solutions is a pioneer in sustainable structural timber construction. Ensuring that process and performance are consistently enhanced, Kingspan Timber Solutions is leading the way in addressing the performance gap issue with an acclaimed range of high performance systems.

An example of this is the Kingspan TEK® Building Cladding Panel System, a structurally insulated panel designed for the infilling of apertures, or sheathing of the structural frame. This BBA and NSAI certified system at 142mm or 172mm thick can deliver Passivhaus airtightness values and can achieve external wall U-values of 0.20 W/m2K with ease, and down to 0.11 W/m2K or better if required.

Achieving High Performance Building Envelopes

Fast, Cost Effective and Predicable

As a lightweight solution, the Kingspan TEK® Building Cladding Panel System supports fast track construction methods, reducing build time onsite. A three man team can typically install 150m2 per day and the requirement for scaffolding is reduced, as in most situations the systems can be erected using mast climbers. As a result the Kingspan TEK® Building Cladding Panel System can be up to 50% faster than alternative construction methods.

Manufacturing in factory controlled conditions enhances quality, decreases defects and reduces waste and time onsite – making the critical project plan more predictable and permitting follow-on trades to start work sooner in the build process.

Kingspan Timber Solutions is project and performance centric. Through their extensive product portfolio, the company’s focus is firmly on value engineering and performance. With a collaborative culture, Kingspan Timber Solutions are dependable construction partners who, by using a combination of the highest performing, most sustainable materials and components, design, manufacturer, assemble and project manage the construction of cutting-edge timber solutions. Their systems also include timber frame, structural insulated panel systems (SIPs), glued laminated timber (glulam) and cross laminated timber (CLT).

With a robust, integrated supply-chain, Kingspan Timber Solutions are dedicated to delivering outcome certainty by working in partnership with clients and their design teams to develop the best solution. With an exemplary track record built throughout our 50 plus years in the business, they are the UK’s leading experts in quality timber-based structural hybrid systems.

To find out more about Kingspan Timber Solutions visit: www.kingspantimbersolutions.co.uk