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New Cross Joints by Dural

New Cross Joints by Dural

Movement accommodation is a serious consideration for architects and installers when laying hard flooring. Heated floors, large format tiles and difficult substrates all put extra stress on tiled flooring.

A major challenge in managing these stresses occurs when a subfloor design creates a need for surface movement joints to intersect.

Creating a required four-way junction is technically demanding for an installer when on site, it is also time consuming and expensive.

Located where sub floor joints cross and the surface joints intersect, the Cross Joint is anchored within the adhesive bed, (using the exact techniques as expected for intermediate movement joints profiles). The distance between Cross Joints is linked using intermediate movement joints.



Cutting to size and length is a simple matter of making straight cuts as required.

In comparison with forming a traditional four way junction, the degree of skill, effort and time required is minimal. A complete movement joint installation can be prepared and be ready for the tiling work to commence in minutes.

Our innovative joints:

  • Provide Independent movement in all directions
  • Are available in all materials, colours, effects & finishes
  • Depths from 3mm to 30mm in stainless steel & 3mm to 50mm in Aluminium and Brass.
  • Are fixed the same way as standard movement joints • Are extremely cost effective

Cross Joint are available for the full range of Dural Economy, Duraflex and Premium Coloured Movement Joints including marble and speckle effect.

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