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Trend Energy Services

Trend Energy Services provides a 24/7 solution to meet Buildings Operational & Energy Efficiency Requirements whilst lowering CO2 Emissions

Trend Control Systems, the leading international manufacturer and supplier of state-of-the-art Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS), has announced a significant investment in its Trend Energy Services Division. The company is now able to tackle demand side energy management even more effectively by remotely managing a customer’s BEMS so that it works more efficiently, thereby creating greater energy savings and lowering CO2 Emissions.

Trend has successfully provided BEMS Bureau facilities for the last 20 years to answer alarms and deploy maintenance contractors. In addition to these facilities, Trend Energy Services can now create a centralised solution that allows building services to be investigated and controlled remotely, not just by making time and setpoint changes, but also by carrying out remote diagnostics, configuring temporary fixes, addressing any energy related problems and predicting ways that equipment could be used more efficiently.

It is well known that performing reactive and ad-hoc maintenance can lead to unexpected costs, while poorly functioning equipment can drive up energy bills and CO2 emissions. Using Trend Energy Services eliminates unforeseen costs and ensures peace of mind by configuring a remote monitoring solution that is specifically tailored to a customer’s needs.

Operating from a purpose-built support centre, Trend Energy Services is part of the company’s strategy to position itself as a consultative solutions provider, as well as the market leader in BEMS hardware and associated technology. Its team of experts will provide the first point of interaction with customers and provide a quick response to BEMS related issues by using software that checks the functioning of the system – including its control loops and sensors – highlighting events such as valves becoming stuck open, controls being manually overridden and other potential sources of energy waste.

Furthermore, by using data metrics, analysis, and powerful diagnostic tools, information on energy activity can be used to limit environmental wastage, which all translates directly to lower energy bills and higher efficiency. Smart strategies can also be implemented by monitoring usage patterns and demand response, so that plant uses less energy during high peak periods. This is particularly useful for facilities and building managers with resource challenges, who still wish to initiate operational improvements on an ongoing basis through defined service level agreements.

Yasir Sheikh, Trend’s Global Head of Energy Development, commented, ‘The investment we have made in Trend Energy Services puts it at the forefront of next generation energy management solutions provision. Thanks to a combination of in-house expertise and the latest remote monitoring and diagnostic tools, we can offer customers an unrivalled opportunity to maximise the energy saving potential of their BEMS, save money and reduce their carbon emissions.’

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