Specifier Review
Moralt FireSound

Performance door blanks with 90 minute fire rating and FSC certification

The UK’s biggest independent distributor of high-performance door blanks, James Latham is now offering Moralt FireSound 59mm (dB43/44) with FD90 certification (BS476 Pt. 22)

And thanks to Lathams, specifying a high-end, specialist door blank – which is still competitively priced – doesn’t mean having to compromise on environmental guidelines as three of the Moralt FireSound range and two of the FireSmoke range, now carry FSC certification.

Exclusively available nationwide and directly from stock through all nine of James Latham’s panel depots in sizes up to 3050mm x 1220mm, the Moralt FireSound 59mm door blanks are supplied with a short lead-time and a minimum order quantity of just one blank.

Moralt FireSound 59mm FD90 carries a long list of technical features and benefits including certification up to 2650mm height and/or 1049mm width (SASD). They are also certified as single/ double leaf doors, with/without glazing and offer intumescent seal specification for stiles/jambs, head perimeter: 2 no. 15mm x 4mm spaced 10mm apart.

In addition, they are also certified with concealed closers and hinges and can be easily trimmed, lipped and glazed.

Steven Dennard, Group Door Manager for James Latham commented, “As the exclusive UK distributor of Moralt door blanks, we are delighted to be able to offer the Moralt FireSound 59mm with FD90 certification as well as FSC accreditation. The technical features and benefits of this high-performance door blank, coupled with its environmental credentials make it a really attractive option and it is generating plenty of interest in the market.”

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