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Rapid Roof Vent Tile

Redland adds Rapid Roof Vent Tile for Slate 10

Redland is adding to its range with a new Rapid Roof Vent Tile designed to be used alongside the iconic Redland Slate 10 tile range.

With rising demand in the new-build and reroofing markets, the Rapid Roof Vent Tile for Slate 10 will assist contractors in providing mechanical, soil or roof space ventilation to comply with BS 5250:2011, reducing the risk of harmful condensation in the roof.

Designed to look like a standard roof tile, the Rapid Roof Vent Tile comes with an Underlay Seal for improved fit and controlled ventilation.

The Rapid Roof Vent Tile has been meticulously tested in a wind tunnel, ensuring it provides superior weather performance, making it suitable for use in all UK exposure zones. The vents have an impressive pitch range of between 17.5° and 60°, which guarantees their versatility in all roofing situations and conditions.

Available in four colours, Grey, Terracotta, Black and Brown, the vent is compatible with the full Slate 10 range including the Landmark 10 Slate, Saxon 10 Slate, Richmond 10 Slate and MockBond Richmond 10 Slate tile ranges.

In stock from April 2016, the vent is supplied in single packs allowing perfect ventilation for any roof containing Slate 10 tiles.

Further information can be found in the vents section of the Redland website at www.redland.co.uk/RapidRoofVents