Specifier Review
Micro Joint Infill

Micro Joints – The Discreet New Way To Protect Tiles Installed Over Underfloor Heating Systems

The popularity of underfloor heating systems has increased significantly in recent years, as they provide a cost-effective, comfortable, unobtrusive heating solution for millions of homes.  However, these systems often cause movement between the subfloor and the top substrate in the form of expansions and contractions.  Failing to accommodate for this movement will almost certainly result in cracked tiling surfaces.

Dural UK are proud to have developed a solution in the form of Micro Joint Infill, which provides discreet stress protection for tiles and natural stone on heated floors.

Benefits of Micro Joint Infill for tiles on underfloor heating systems

Micro Joint Infill has been specially developed for tiled flooring installations which are laid over underfloor heating systems, particularly for residential developments.  It provides effective movement protection for tiles and natural stone on heated floors.  It means a tiled flooring installation with Micro Joint Infill used is able to effectively absorb the movement energy transferred from the subfloor, protecting the tiles from cracking and loosening.

Importantly, it can be colour matched to the existing grout or tile colour for a discreet appearance – in fact any colour in the RAL chart.  The Micro Joint Infill is simply applied into the grout line spaces in between tiles and can be used on Brick Bond or Opus floor tile layouts.  Due to the colour matched nature of the Micro Joint Infill it helps to create a beautiful, seamless design to the tiled flooring.