Specifier Review
BS 5534

The New Way of Doing Things the Old Way

Installing and replacing mortar bedded ridges and hips is easy with the Redland Mortar Bedded Fixing Kit, a complete pack to mechanically fix ridges and hips when a traditional aesthetic is required.

Designed to assist roofing contractors the fixing kit enables installers to maintain a traditional mortar aesthetic, whilst still complying with BS 5534 and the NHBC Guidelines regarding mechanical fixings.

Changes to the BS 5534: Code of practice for slating and tiling state that mortar alone cannot be used to fix ridges and hips, so even if mortar is used, all ridges and hips must also be mechanically fixed.

The Redland Mortar Bedded Fixing Kit provides everything required to mechanically fix ridges and hips in accordance with BS 5534 and it is fully compatible with all types of Redland tiles.

While dry-fix solutions are preferred, mortar bedding may still be an aesthetic requirement in conservation areas and the Mortar Bedded Fixing Kit is a simple to use solution for roofing contractors.

Batten straps, included in the contents of the kit, are vital to the correct and secure installation of the timber ridge batten, required as the base into which the screws are fixed. If batten straps are not used, should the mortar fail at any stage during the lifetime of the roof, all of the ridge tiles fixed into the unsecured ridge batten could slide off the roof together, severely damaging other roof tiles and potentially injuring passers-by below.

Available from Redland, the kit comes individually packed with enough clips to cover 5m. Each pack contains:

– 8 stainless steel batten straps

– 16 stainless steel ring shank nails

– 11 100 x 4mm woodscrews

– 11 universal angle clamping plates

Further information can be found on the Redland website at www.redland.co.uk/ridges