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Versatility is key with fully reversible hinge from Yale and Sealco

Versatility is key with fully reversible hinge from Yale and Sealco


A new fully reversible hinge from Yale – exclusively distributed in the UK by Sealco – brings maximum versatility in installation and ease of stocking thanks to its unique patented dual function restrictor.

The Yale Revolution Window Hinge can be switched between anti-blowback and easy close functions depending on customer requirements.  As a result, a single solution meets the needs of private and public sector buildings – housing associations, property developers or commercial owners need only select their preferred option at the point of installation.

Developed jointly between Yale and Sealco, the hinge offers real advantages in terms of safety and convenience.  Its design allows the window to rotate fully, enabling it to be easily cleaned from within the comfort and safety of the building.  It also features integral locking for safety, making it the ideal choice for reversible residential and commercial upper floor windows.


When opening, the sash release lever must be pressed to pass two restricted positions – thus avoiding the risk of the window being opened suddenly.  The positions are a safety position and outer ventilation; there is also a wash position when in the fully reversed situation.

Central to the new hinge is its configurable restrictor, which alters the closing functionality mechanism to suit requirements.  As supplied, in the first configuration, it delivers anti-blowback functionality, as the sash release lever must be depressed at each stage to facilitate closing.  In the second configuration, the window will close without requiring the sash release lever to be depressed.

A safety key locks the window in any of its key positions – safety position, outer ventilation or easy clean – to minimise the risk of injury from falling through the window. The restrictor can quickly be configured using the safety key and a star form driver, which means that the functionality can be altered with the window in place, with no need to remove the sash.

“Different customers might have a particular preference as to how they want to close windows. Private homes tend to favour the anti-blowback feature for its added protection, whereas public buildings such as hotels prefer the option to pull the window shut without de-restricting it, due to the greater likelihood that users will be unfamiliar with the need to use the sash release button,” explains Alan Malcolm, Sales Director at Sealco.

“The restrictor has been developed to enable this choice to be made on site – or even to allow customers to try both options – without costly and time-consuming delays in removing the sash.

At the same time, the dual function hinge halves the stocking requirement for the product, making it much easier for housing associations, property developers or commercial agents to specify.  “This is a real benefit to users – it’s a single solution, whichever function is preferred.”

The Yale Revolution Window Hinge is available in 27 sizes, ensuring a truly comprehensive range that can be used with every major window type.  Designed to carry a greater sash weight capacity, the hinge can comfortably accommodate triple glazed windows.