Specifier Review
Dalby Range

No slip-ups, be it indoors or outdoors

Looking for a tile that provides a smooth finish on internal floors, but a more resistant, anti-slip finish for external ones?

The Dalby range is unique in the portfolio of products by Porcelain Wood, as it is available in two different finishes; Textured (for a hand-scraped, anti-slip finish) and Silk (offering a smoother and slightly glossier feel).

These two ranges can be combined to maintain a consistent appearance across areas that have different requirements. This would allow the running of the same wood effect tile inside your house in the Silk finish, through to an exterior balcony or patio in the Textured, ant-slip finish.

This is also ideal for bathroom or wetroom areas, where Textured tiles can be applied to the floor, complimented with a Silk finish on the walls.


Manufactured in a range of minimal, lime washed wood grains, the Dalby (Silk) range provides a deliberately understated floor covering that echoes the aesthetic of a beach-side boardwalk.

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