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Jack Aluminium Pushes The Boundaries Of SBD

Systems company Jack Aluminium now offers the most complete range of Q Marked PAS24 compliant aluminium doorset systems for the commercial building sector.

It has invested significantly in testing to ensure that its products are Secured by Design ready, supporting fabricators and installers to meet the demand for highly secure and reliable commercial doors.

Jack Aluminium realized early on that its customers would need a suite of high usage door options to meet both Document Q and Secured by Design requirements.  Achieving SBD with a thermally approved door also ensures that fabricators can give architects and clients the higher energy efficiency demanding on new and refurbishment projects.

At the heart of the Jack Aluminium range is its successful TD68 thermal door system, the Jack Door, which offers the design options and durability needed for high traffic usage. It recently launched its largest SBD-ready thermal door, which features 1200 x 2400mm leaf, enabling one-metre clearance for wheelchair access, particularly beneficial for schools and hospitals.

The TD68 is also the basis for the TD68 Pivot Anti-Panic door and Mag Lock door, reflecting Jack Aluminium’s ability to deliver solutions for specific customer requirements.

The Anti-Panic door is designed to prevent the vulnerability which many panic and emergency doors face. With potential forced entry attempts in mind, the door includes; a striker plate which supports the lock when under attack, internal and external locking capabilities to secure the door from both sides and a lock strike plate to prevent tampering of the panic device.

The Mag Lock door is tailored to solve the problem of tampering with doors which are required to be secure at all times. It uses an automatic locking mechanism to lock as soon as it is closed, with a security pin to prevent tampering.

“We know that SBD doors are increasingly become specified as standard,” explains Jeff Pearson, Sales Director at Jack Aluminum. “This demand covers a number of commercial spaces, so it’s important that we provide a range of solutions to suit the varying needs of customers.”

Hospitals, schools, shops and places of work, all require doors which offer security and reliability. The SBD initiative aims to reduce the risk and fear of crime by providing practical defense against common crime trends. The group works with the glazing industry to ensure products can demonstrate effectiveness in preventing crime. PAS24 is the minimum door standard required for SBD compliance.

“Customers need to feel safe in the knowledge that our solutions offer security and durability. This is why we believe in the importance of testing all parts of our designs to make sure our range is PAS24 approved and ready for SBD,” added Pearson.

Jack Aluminum has been committed to testing its door systems over a number of years to achieve PAS24 approval, as well as its sister standard BS:EN 6375 that measures a door’s durability.

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