Specifier Review
BJ Waller - One man with one screwdriver

“One Man With One Screwdriver”

Architectural ironmonger BJ Waller has launched a new service with a leading UK door manufacturer for fully integrated commercial doorsets for commercial internal doors, including fire resistant, acoustic, X-ray and many more. 

As well as ensuring accurate specification for high usage applications, delivering slabs with pre-prepared hardware will speed up timelines for contractors by making doorset installation a job for “one man with one screwdriver.”

Each doorset schedule is tailored to the project, with BJ Waller providing expert technical advice and support to deliver the right hardware for the chosen door slab.  Options include BJ Waller’s new Quick-Fit Plus system which offers easy and precise assembly of the whole door handle set in a few seconds and without the need for screws, bolts or grub screws.

Integrated doorsets are designed to make life easy for everybody.  For contractors, there are obvious advantages in terms of time- and cost-savings but the bigger benefit will be to reduce the chance of damage to doors from fitters rushing to complete the job.

For specifiers, that adds extra peace of mind that the finished product will be in top condition for long-term efficiency and durability, backed by BJ Waller’s expert knowledge of hardware performance.

By partnering with the door manufacturer, all preparation is done in the factory.  Slabs are supplied pre-hung with as much hardware already in place as possible – anything that is flush – for easy installation.  All protruding hardware is fully prepared prior to delivery.

“It means that no power tools are required.  One man can place the slab in the frame and screw it in.  If the new Quick-Fit Plus doorset is chosen, handles can be fitted without any screws, bolts or gub screws,” explains Luke Piper, Managing Director of BJ Waller.

Perfect for commercial installations such as hotels, hospitals, schools, apartment blocks and top-end residential projects, BJ Waller developed its integrated packages ahead of CE Marking regulations on commercial internal doorsets due in 2017.

“We believe the true cost of a project should be measured over time and must take into account repairs or replacements.  That’s why we’re launching our integrated commercial internal doorsets in several options, based on the whole-of-life performance of the hardware,” Luke confirms.

“Our doorset schedules can be chosen with good, better and best guarantees, giving architects, specifiers and contractors an easy way of deciding what level of specification is required.”