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Changing lifestyles with PC Henderson’s Roomflex folding door hardware

Changing lifestyles such as people working from home and multi-generational living has led homeowners to seek more flexibility from the spaces they occupy. As a result, there has been an increase in the trend for a broken-plan layout, creating smaller, multi-use areas that offer privacy and add new functionality to rooms.

P C Henderson’s Roomflex hardware helps meets these ever-changing needs. It is an innovative internal folding door system that makes the most of the space and privacy available in family homes.

Roomflex is designed primarily for use with room dividers and is ideal for applications where there is insufficient adjacent wall space to accommodate sliding or swing doors when open. Homeowners can combine both open and broken-plan living by neatly storing the doors when the spaces are opened for entertaining or socialising. When closed, the smaller rooms can be used for independent activities such as reading or catching up on TV shows or to simply reduce the space to minimise the cost of heating the property.Changing lifestyles with PC Henderson’s Roomflex folding door hardware 1

Fergus Pickard, Research & Development Director at P C Henderson comments: “We have worked to offer a range of sliding and folding door hardware that effortlessly divides a multitude of spaces in the home. Our Roomflex hardware enables the creation of flexible living areas, allowing users to make the most of the rooms they spend most of their time in. A benefit of such a system when used as a room divider is that when open, it allows more light in and when closed, it can help reduce heating costs as only the space in use needs to be heated.”

Roomflex is capable of carrying doors of up to 35kg which when fully open, stack up neatly to maximise the opening space. The system is available in three kits which when mixed and matched, can provide up to 5 different configurations, promoting flexible living.  A key advantage of Roomflex is that it does not require a bottom channel, allowing your floor space to flow uninterrupted from room to room with no potential trip hazards or unsightly guide channel set into the floor.

P C Henderson has been manufacturing sliding door hardware systems for over 90 years in the UK. Its British engineered systems are cost efficient and combine high performance with aesthetic appeal, meeting the requirements of architects and their clients. With an experienced in-house technical team and despatch base both located in the UK, customers can expect unrivalled service and support.

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