Specifier Review

Pressing for the pier


Geberit Mapress and HDPE has played a part in the restoration of the iconic Hasting’s Pier. Until recently, the pier had remained derelict for many years, withstanding a fire in 2010. Following a £14m renovation, the newly opened pier now boasts a stylish makeover, maintaining its rich history while bringing its looks and functionality into the 21st century.

Installed by Commercial Hydronic Systems, all gas pipework is Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel, offering a versatile solution that is quick to install. The off-pier waste system utilises Geberit HDPE, made from polyethylene; environmentally friendly and completely recyclable, with no toxic emissions released during its processing or in case of fire, fitting in with one of the redevelopment’s key remits of being sustainable.

Geberit Mapress

“Geberit Mapress was ideally suited to the challenges of working on a pier,” said Nik Bishop from Commercial Hydronic Systems. “Pipework had to be installed underneath the structure, as well as at height, in sometimes cramped and awkward conditions, so Geberit Mapress’ ease and speed, plus the fact there is no need for hot works made it a great alternative to a three inch welded traditional gas pipe.”

“For drainage, we chose Geberit HDPE, another Geberit product Commercial Hydronic Systems is very familiar with. In general, we use Geberit products on 90% of our projects,” Nik concluded.

All of Commercial Hydronic Systems engineers attended free training at Geberit’s dedicated centre in Warwick prior to working on this project.

Hastings Pier’s makeover is a charity project, with the lion’s share of money raised through the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). Renovation works have included repairing the pier’s Grade II listed substructure, refurbishing its only standing pavilion, the construction of a new visitor centre and a full service restaurant in the one remaining original building. It is also licensed for weddings with function rooms for private events, receptions and meetings and includes a roof terrace café, ‘The Deck’.