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James Latham supplies flooring for rustic barn conversion

James Latham supplies flooring for rustic barn conversion

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The UK’s biggest independent distributor of quality timber and panel products, James Latham, has supplied 110m2 of E47 Amboise French Oak wood flooring from their Bausen range to complete a barn conversion in Ulnes Walton, Lancashire.

The Amboise French Oak wood flooring was specially cut and engineered to fit around the original brick walls of Calverts Barn, and was fitted by Inspired Solutions in Standish.

James Latham

The super rustic graded wood was chosen to fit in with the barn’s exposed wooden ceiling beams which run throughout the property. The Oak itself has a natural dark finish, with a very visible grain and beautiful knots which, again, feature in the original beams in the barn. Similarly, the French Oak also fits with the characteristic dark barn doors.

Deborah Grant & Neil Gibbons, the owners of Calverts Barn, said: “The main aspect of this build was to make sure that anything new added to the project did not take anything away from the rustic feel and original features used throughout. The Amboise French Oak wood flooring is the ideal colour and grain for the rest of the property.”

“I am really pleased with the quality of the finish, everything has been cut to a very hard and specific degree. The flooring now looks like it was always part of the property because it just fits in perfectly, both in a stylish way and physically.”

With a large wood order to engineer to size and fit 110m2, the job took a total of 4 days for the Inspired Solutions Standish team to complete.

James Latham

James Latham

Neil Hawkesworth from Inspired Solutions Standish said: “I will only use the highest quality of wood, which is why I go back to James Latham time and time again because I have confidence that the finished result will be at its best. The E47 Amboise French Oak has a hardwearing grain that not only fits with the existing décor but has a wear trim of 6mm.”

James Latham’s Timber Sales Representative, Carl Hulme, said: “We are really pleased that Miss Grant & Mr Gibbons are very happy with the finished result. The E47 Amboise French Oak is the ideal match for the super rustic décor that Calverts Barn needed. The wood just adds to the already characteristic and historic property, so I am delighted that the E47 was chosen for this project.”