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Panasonic Moves Into the Cloud with New Aquarea Control System

Panasonic Moves Into the Cloud with New Aquarea Control System

“The Aquarea Smart Cloud is a significant development in the control of heating and hot water systems, offering much greater functionality and a much more intuitive user interface,” says Marc Overson, Panasonic Country Manager, UK & Ireland. “This enables users to optimise their heating and hot water from anywhere in the world, from computers, tablets and smartphones, to suit their specific requirements. We look forward to introducing an increased level of functionality throughout 2017 and enable full remote control and monitoring of the Aquarea system.”

The Aquarea Smart Cloud has a simple, intuitive user-friendly interface that enables installers and maintenance operators to control a number of functions of the Aquarea H Generation heat pump. Users can easily adjust the temperature in two different zones and view the current room temperature in that zone. Additionally, it is possible to change the temperature of the hot water supplied by the Aquarea system. This enables users to eliminate unnecessary heating when a zone is unoccupied and therefore reduce energy consumption.

The Aquarea Smart Cloud allows users to set holiday timers, weekly timers with different instructions for the separate zones and hot water and check the system for faults. This enables users to programme their heating and hot water system to meet their exact requirements and reduce energy usage through unnecessary heating and hot water. The Aquarea Smart Cloud interface can also provide a detailed breakdown of the system’s energy consumption on a daily, weekly, monthly or even annual basis. This can help users to reduce energy usage by identifying times when the system does not need to be operating and reducing its activity.

Throughout 2017 Panasonic will add new services to the Aquarea Smart Cloud, focused on adding additional functionality to aid with maintenance of the Aquarea system. This will allow maintenance professionals to engage in predictive maintenance and fine-tune the system, as well as fixing malfunctions when they occur. Installers will be able to manage several installations at once with a dedicated interface, saving time and simplifying logistics. The Aquarea Smart Cloud also enables maintenance professionals to respond more quickly to faults and issues, keeping the end user completely satisfied with their heating and hot water systems.

The only requirements of the Aquarea are the H Generation heat pump, the CZ-TAW-1 interface to connect to the Aquarea unit and an Internet connection. When the user registers the device online, it will be connected to the service and the user can begin controlling it from the device of their choice.

The Aquarea Smart Cloud is much more than a simple thermostat for switching a heating system on or off. It is a powerful and intuitive device for remotely controlling the system’s range of heating and hot water functions, including monitoring energy consumption. In addition, malfunction warnings and remote maintenance capabilities will be added to the system from 2017, making it a comprehensive heating and hot water control system.