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Imago Lift & Slide

Imago Lift & Slide the Perfect Choice for Ambitious Hillside Project

Imago Lift & Slide Door by Italian hardware giants, AGB, was chosen for an ambitious hillside house in Italy. Its large glazed area and slimline frame makes it the perfect door to maximise light and provide thermal insulation to meet the requirements of the development.

The project called Casa S, created by Italian architects Studio 3XL, sees an original rustic house on a hillside in Italy overlooking the city of Bassano del Grappa, extended with modern natural materials into the hill. The main aim behind the project is to build a home which not only keeps the continuity and essence of its natural surroundings, but allows for breath-taking views of the cityscape below.

Undertaking such a complicated design meant some of the key challenges were to maximise available light to make sure enough natural light could get into each room and create a thermally insulated home. The Imago Lift & Slide Door was the natural choice to achieve these requirements.

Guido Longo of 3XL Architects says the Imago Lift & Slide Door plays its role in achieving their vision. “Many of the access points are reached by going down stairs which means we had to create wells to allow light to travel easily to each room. The next part of the challenge was finding the right doors to maximise the natural light. This is where Imago comes in.

“Because of its large glazed area and minimal frame, the Imago Lift & Slide door fills up to 20 percent more floor space with daylight than the other doors we looked at, something which is vital to creating a comfortable naturally lit home. It also meets the thermal requirements of the building as the timber frame is built into the wall to make it fully insulated. The timber itself fit in beautifully with the modern look we wanted to achieve.”

The project is also using Imago’s cornerless glazing to get an extra feeling of space in some of the rooms. Imago’s cornerless glazing provides a glass wall around a room to fill it with natural light and connect the outside with the inside to create a sense of more space.

Casa S came as a runner up in last year’s Live Outside the Box competition which looked to find the best use of the Imago Lift and Slide door. The competition was ran by Casabella, the prestigious Italian architectural magazine which focuses on modern and ambitious designs.

To find out more about Imago Lift & Slide Doors, visit www.chooseimago.co.uk and to find out more about Studio 3XL visit http://www.studio3xl.it/ .