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Imago makes the ‘big decision’ easy for timber doors

Imago makes the ‘big decision’ easy for timber doors

With today’s engineered woods, anything is possible.  In Vancouver, construction has just finished on the world’s largest timber building – and architects believe that wood will become the key construction material of the 21st century.

For homeowners, too, timber allows huge flexibility as anybody who has watched Grand Designs will know.  Timber looks equally impressive for refurbishments, extensions or cutting-edge architecture.

That’s why AGB Hardware has engineered its Imago Lift & Slide system to make the most of this versatility.

“Timber lift and slide doors are the ideal way for homeowners to fit wide-span glazed doors to their home,” says Marco Zen, UK and Ireland Sales Manager for AGB Hardware.

“We developed Imago to meet modern demands for homes that are filled with light and offer impressive panoramic views into the garden.  With advances in engineered timber such as Accoya, there are even more opportunities for architects, joinery manufacturers and fabricators to make the decision to think big with their designs.”

The cleverly engineered Imago hardware enables the creation of timber frames as slender as just 2cm, for large glazing areas that frame the view.  This is combined with a light-touch, sliding door mechanism for fluid, silent opening and closing.

AGB manufactures Imago is proving a popular choice with architects, thanks to the ability to extend the glazed area of the door.  The architects behind CentroSoranzo, a social health facility near Venice, chose Imago because it meant they could fit even more glass into the area, so that guests to the centre can feel the benefits of being at one with nature even when they’re inside.

In the UK, Imago Lift & Slide doors can be ordered by the trade as a ready-made, installation product. Marco confirms: “Several Imago Points, our network of joinery manufacturers, are making Imago doors to supply direct, helping ambitious installers to grasp the opportunities of timber doors.”

For more information, visit www.chooseimago.co.uk