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Leitz Tooling launches ThermoTech Window System Lite

Adding to its range of tooling solutions for A and A+ BFRC energy rated timber window production, Leitz Tooling has launched the “Lite” version of its ThermoTech Window System.

Leitz Tooling launches ThermoTech Window System LiteThe current ThermoTech Window tooling system is hugely successful and working for many joinery and window manufacturing companies around the UK. Leitz has now added ThermoTech Lite – producing traditional-looking high performance timber windows – to the range.

As with their original ThermoTech Window System, ThermoTech Lite will be available with BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) energy rated licences for most variations of timber window manufacture.

With full and ongoing back-up and support from the company, Leitz’s ThermoTech Window Systems are considered by its customers as one of the fastest, easy to use, reassuring and profitable systems on the market:

“The fact that Leitz has already done the work with the BFRC for energy rated window licences was a key factor in our decision to buy their tooling, and we’re winning most of the work we quote for.” TimberMaster, Rugby

“We make timber windows for contractors, developers, housing associations and home-owners, and the tooling system from Leitz means we now make them quicker and easier than ever before.” T O’Malley Joinery Ltd, Lancashire.

Leitz Tooling launches ThermoTech Window System Lite

Leitz ThermoTech Lite Window System is a complete, compliant and scalable system for the manufacture of high quality timber windows by large manufacturers and small sized joinery companies alike, opening up new markets and business opportunities and responding to demand from manufacturers as well as architects and contractors.

Leitz Tooling launches ThermoTech Window System Lite

Offering traditional aesthetics for the UK marketplace, the ThermoTech Lite system features Leitz’s renowned durability. Easy to set-up for repeatable, precise manufacture every time, the system is available in multi-tool or dedicated sets for spindle moulders, tenoners, CNC routers and window machines.

In addition to the ability to create thinner (60mm vs 68mm), more elegant box sashes, Leitz’s ThermoTech Lite system also includes capacity for triple-glazed with the addition of simple tooling elements – no need to buy a complete new set of tooling.

The features and benefits of the ThermoTech Lite Window System mean that all design U values of the timber windows are 1.4 or better, the designs are expandable for different hinges (including Sumo, Cotswold and Defender hinges), and the profiles on the system are easily changed, without needing to purchase extra tools.

Brian Maddox, Sales Manager for Leitz Tooling UK said, “We have removed the burden of design, tooling, set up and window simulation thermal testing for the energy performance rating; the only things we don’t do is actually performance test the window or make it. Our ThermoTech Lite Window System gives the opportunity for much wider high quality manufacture of A and A+ rated thermal performance wood windows.”

The system supports all variations to suit any type of manufacturer, with any type of specification, with flexibility. As a low cost, dedicated modular system, it is as accessible and as future-proof as possible, and includes all the support customers might need, including custom window design and the cost of simulation to BRFC regulations to get the approved energy ratings.

Leitz Tooling launches ThermoTech Window System Lite

As always, Leitz is focused on increased productivity, reduced downtime, noise, scrap, and improved quality and safety in tested tooling design.

All tooling from Leitz is manufactured and safety tested to BS EN847 standards helping to ensure the welfare of customer employees.

For more information Leitz Tooling and ThermoTech Lite, visit www.leitz-tooling.co.uk or contact salesuk@leitz.org.