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Information at your fingertips with H+H Brochure App

The app currently holds the H+H Designing and Building with Aircrete brochure with the company looking to add further brochures to the app’s library in the coming months.

With access to the app, customers can select and download complete brochures right to their phones, making viewing them quick and easy while on site or on the road.

The Designing and Building with Aircrete brochure has been designed to help architects and specifiers to achieve the most efficient designs using H+H products. The brochure provides details on structural design for both low-rise housing or multi-storey buildings and outlines the practical guidance when building with aircrete, covering storage, stacking and recommended mortar types etc.

How to download

On the App Store, search “Aircrete”.

On Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tablish.mgname.handh&hl=en

Further brochures and literature is available for download via the H+H website.