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Nuance Bathroom

Nuance Bathroom Panelling – Six Times Faster Than Tiling

Tiling takes time – and is expensive. According to Which? Magazine, tiling a 7ft by 7ft small bathroom can take 1-3 days and costs up to £800. A large 13ft by 7ft room would cost around £1315 to tile and take 3-6 days. Add the cost of the tiles and the noise and disruption involved in having the work done and it becomes an unattractive prospect for hoteliers and B&B owners who risk losing bookings with rooms out of action.

But what if a sleek, easy to maintain waterproof surface could be installed in as little as four hours  for an average bathroom – and even be used to cover old and past their best tiles?  In time trials conducted by Bushboard, fitting Nuance bathroom wall panelling was six times faster than ceramic tiling.  Nuance bathroom panelling is completely waterproof, comes in a choice of 25 attractive and on trend finishes and can be applied over old tiles to give a tired bathroom a bright new look without mess and disruption.

The panels are 100 percent waterproof and there is no need for ugly extrusions which means the finished effect is sleek, virtually seam free and a cinch to clean. Ideal for bathrooms, cloakrooms, showers and even wetrooms Nuance panels are ideal for any site where down-time needs to be kept to an absolute minimum. Postformed edges make external corners easy and the choice of panel sizes reduces waste. The really good news is there is no need to hunt down an expert tiler or installer as Bushboard Nuance panels can be fitted by a competent diyer, maintenance teams a plumber or bathroom fitter.

Maintaining  grout and silicone sealer is a major drawback of tiling too. With Nuance panels there’s no grout to look after but it must be installed with the company’s own BB Complete – a superior adhesive and sealant for a longlasting easy clean finish that is guaranteed for a full 15 years.

Nuance Bathroom
Bushboard Nuance Calcutta Marble wall panelling in a wetroom. No trims or extrustions for a seamless finish.

Nuance will be on display at the Sleep exhibition this week.. In the meantime, Bushboard offers a comprehensive introduction pack that includes samples, mood boards and technical data. There is an accredited CPD and the possibility of sample-room installations for contracts that meet a minimum criteria. To receive a pack, email rchecketts@bushboard.co.uk or lsumpter@bushboard.co.uk.