Specifier Review

Busy Times for Pop Up Power Supplies Ltd

Birmingham Airport, Preston Market, Folkestone Harbour and New Mersey Shopping Park have all received “Flip Lid” power supply unit model “PUPS02” during the months of September / October 2017.PUPS02 temporary power supply units are safe, secure and are totally hidden even when in operation.

They can be used anywhere that requires a regular power supply, indoors or outdoors. Perfect for market squares, town centers, transport terminals, Shopping Centers, festival sites and parks.

“There when you need them and hidden when you don’t!”

They are available in a number of different configurations and have a recessed stainless steel cover to fill with matching surface finish. The addition of a self-drainage system beneath the waterproof power sockets enables the Flip Top Power Unit to cope with heavy rain and floodwater.

IGU’s are very low maintenance and an alternative to noisy power generators.

Pop Up Power Supplies Ltd provide a range of retractable service units and bollards with electricity / water connection points. Used in public spaces ranging from historic sites, market places, town squares, parks, universities and sports stadia.

George Parker of PUPS, “We’ve worked with clients up and down the country, providing efficient, sympathetic utility solutions in busy public areas including Chelsea Football Club, Edinburgh Castle, Covent Garden to name a few.”

For more information please take a look at our website www.popuppower.co.uk or call us on 0208 227 0208.