Public attitudes – powered by the people

Public attitudes are evolving along with the requirement to make energy consumption more visible and this is creating a change in opinion in favour of renewable technologies. To make the most of this, we need to demonstrate to consumers and end users the environmental and financial returns of these solutions.

Easing the greening

Being green” can be seen as demanding time and space in people’s increasingly busy lives. However, when it comes to heating, ventilating, cooling and powering buildings, there already exist scalable and publicly acceptable, low-carbon alternatives requiring minimum input from the end user. These readily available, renewable heating technologies already outperform today’s more familiar systems against all the key criteria.

We can also be sure that today’s children – tomorrow’s consumers – will demand an economy that’s low carbon and in the face of increasing public and Government pressure, our industry needs to continue the discussion on persuading all concerned parties to pursue the right energy solutions.

Martin Fahey is Head of Sustainability & Commercial Business at Mitsubishi Electric and coordinator of the company’s Green Gateway programme. 

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