Specifier Review

Kee Systems introduces safe steelwork connections

Kee Systems has introduced the BeamClamp ® and BoxBolt® range of safe fixing solutions to its versatile fittings portfolio.

The BeamClamp® range of high strength clamps are designed to connect steel to steel together, without the need for on-site drilling or welding. The clamps can be used for both temporary or permanent connections and are ideal for connecting secondary steel to existing structures. BeamClamp has a number of benefits over traditional methods such as adjustability and flexibility on site as they do not require any site power for installation.


The BoxBolt® range is a fully tested and approved blind connection solution for connecting into hollow sections, or where access is restricted on one side. BoxBolt® is suitable for use with rectangular, square and circular hollow sections and is ideal for projects where the aesthetics of the building need to be taken into consideration.


BeamClamp ® and BoxBolt ® products can be used across all industries where joining steel together is a requirement. Common applications and industries include infrastructure, steel connection, solar and wind energy, fascade and curtain walling, oil and gas, processing plants, materials handling and stadiums.

For more information, visit www.keesystems.com