RABScreen showcases new fitting system at HVAC & Refrigeration Show

RABScreen, Stand C6, HVAC & Refrigeration Show, Excel, 23 – 25 January 2018

RABScreen, the external air intake screen company, is making its debut at the HVAC & Refrigeration show and will be majoring on its latest easy-to-fit designs. Adding to a range of mounting options for its external screens used for all HVAC equipment and cooling towers, is the new RABScreen Continuous Attachment System (CAS).

This new system comprises easy-to-fit aluminium profiles which can be mounted in a continuous rail of any length, which the border of the fabric screen simply slides into. The system is designed for use with the RABScreen 2 tonne 50mm webbing straps and ratchets to produce a tensioned filter screen, or just using the CAS to keep the screens in place. Using the RABScreen CAS will make it possible to install a 12m long filter system in just over 15 minutes.

The new RABScreen CAS, designed by RAB Specialist Engineers in association with DHD Cooling, is a very fast and effective way of fitting the RABScreen air intake screens to virtually any piece of cooling equipment.

Richard Betts, Managing Director of RABScreen commented, ‘As with all engineering products we have responded to customers’ demands to make RABScreen’s filter system even easier to fit”.

Other fitting methods are also available for RABScreen air intake screens to suit different situations and applications. RABScreen mounting methods range from stainless steel grommets and magnetic mounting clips, to Velcro fastenings and bungee cords for wrapping the external screens around external condensers. There are also a variety of rigid frames that can be used in conjunction with a galvanised slide bed for easy removal and maintenance, and the rigid frames can also be fitted with magnetic strip for fast fitting and removal.

RABScreen air intake screens are used successfully on many HVAC applications around the country including those in hospitals, industry and data centres. The benefits are enormous as a 1mm layer of dirt insulating coil fins can reduce efficiency by 21% and increase energy use by as much as 30%. RABScreen external filter screens protect all air movement equipment saving energy, time and money through a very simple installation.

Further information on RABScreen air intake screens is available from RABScreen on 01635 248633 by emailing info@rabscreen.com or by visiting the company’s website at www.rabscreen.com